November 10, 2015


LinkPoint360 Releases Fall ’15 Version of LinkPoint Connect

– New email-to-CRM integration features and compatibility with industry tools underscore user productivity 


RED BANK, N.J. (November 10, 2015) – LinkPoint360, the leading provider of email to CRM integration, today announced that it has begun deployment of the Fall ’15 Release of LinkPoint Connect. The new features and functionality will be available at no additional cost to all existing software subscribers. LinkPoint Connect continues to provide over 70,000 global users with email to CRM integration tools for greater productivity, efficiency, and CRM adoption.

The Fall ’15 Release is designed to provide users with even greater productivity while working within Microsoft Outlook or IBM Notes. Key functionality includes LinkPoint Tracker to track outbound email opens, LinkPoint Bcc Sender to send 1-to-1 emails via distribution lists and Smart Link to associate meetings with leads and contacts in Salesforce with a single click.

“Our goal with the Fall ’15 release was to expand on our strengths in email integration by including new ways for our customers to maximize their sales productivity,” said Glenn Lehner, Chief Business Development Officer at LinkPoint360. “Features like LinkPoint Tracker will let users remain in Outlook throughout their day while helping them identify the leads and contacts they are having the greatest impact on.”

Another main focus of the release is continued compatibility with third-party technologies. LinkPoint Connect supports Outlook 2016 as well as older versions through Outlook 2007. Keeping pace with Salesforce development, LinkPoint Connect also supports the latest version of Salesforce Platform Encryption, reinforcing permissions for data access when using LinkPoint360 applications.

LinkPoint360 has continued to expand its team and roadmap while remaining true to its core business. With the Fall ’15 release, LinkPoint Connect users will have access to new seven features while leveraging the standout tools all customers have come to rely on.”As we grow our features, products, and services, we continue to ensure that our LinkPoint Connect mainstays – side panel, recording, and syncing tools – remain ahead of the curve and reflect the needs we hear from our customer,” Lehner said.


About LinkPoint360

LinkPoint360, the leading provider of email to CRM integration, is dedicated to delivering software solutions that enhance productivity and increase system adoption for CRM users. For more than 15 years, LinkPoint360 has succeeded in simplifying the CRM user experience by eliminating the need to switch constantly between email and CRM systems. LinkPoint Connect streamlines data entry and access by enabling users to instantly view, create, and update CRM data within their email client. The software supports Microsoft Outlook, IBM Notes, and Citrix/Terminal Services environment integrations with Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and InforCRM. LinkPoint360 provides email integration services backed by superior customer support for more than 70,000 users in more than 60 countries. For more information, visit or get started now with a free trial of LinkPoint Connect.


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