LinkPoint Connect is the industry leading email to CRM integration tool and used by over 90,000 people around the world. By streamlining data entry and access, LinkPoint Connect unites the work users do in their email throughout the day with their CRM. Our customers engage with and create CRM data by viewing, recording, creating, and syncing interactions with clients, emails from prospects, and calendar items (just to name a few) — all without leaving their email.


Compare LinkPoint Connect Editions

Organizations and individual users work differently in their email client and can have different CRM integration needs. Different teams will work differently with the CRM or have different data access and input needs. And different users will have different way or platforms by which they need to engage with their CRM data.

LinkPoint360 understands these differences. That’s why customers can choose the LinkPoint Connect Edition that best fits their unique needs, environment, workflows, and user base. Compare our editions in the tables below, then choose an edition to get started with a full-featured free trial.


Use Cases

LinkPoint Connect Editions were designed to meet client need across a variety of use cases. Download our Fact Sheet for examples and common reasons why customers choose one (or more) Edition for their email integration. Contact your Account Executive or to discuss the best fit for your organization.



Desktop Edition Desktop Plus Edition Cloud Edition
View CRM Data with Side Panel
Record Emails Manually
Record Emails Automatically
Sync Calendars
Sync Contacts  
Sync Tasks
Create & Update Records with Smart Forms
Capture Meeting Notes



Desktop Edition Desktop Plus Edition Cloud Edition
PC Installation
Mac Support
Mobile Support
Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Exchange
IBM Notes
IBM Domino
Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Free Trials

   Desktop EditionClassic for PC users. Record emails, create new contacts or leads, and automate synchronization of contacts, calendars, and tasks between your email application and CRM.

   Desktop Plus Edition Everything from Desktop Edition… Plus you can add notes and entries to Salesforce fields from the Side Panel or a dedicated mobile app.

   Cloud EditionServer-side version for mobile and cross-platform users. Nothing to install, admin controls available. Works for Mac, Mobile, and PC users.