LinkPoint Connect Cloud Edition for Salesforce

LinkPoint Connect: Cloud Edition offers a set of highly configurable email-to-CRM sync tools within the cloud for even greater flexibility and mobile access. Save time. Work anywhere. Close more deals.

Microsoft Exchange

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Automate your email and Salesforce integration in the cloud!

LinkPoint Connect: Cloud Edition users will have a variety of controls to ensure that data moves how and when they want it to between email applications and Salesforce.

Work from any mobile device or desktop on any platform. LinkPoint Connect: Cloud Edition syncs data within the cloud so you can focus on closing deals.

How It Works

Getting started with Cloud Edition is simple.

  • Register for your account and establish any sync rules or settings that should apply to your entire organization.
  • Lock down any options at the Organization or Profile level.
  • Import your user list directly from Salesforce
  • Assign users to specific profiles that you create or that you import from your Salesforce configuration
  • Connect your user account to Salesforce and Microsoft Exchange
  • Establish personal sync settings for how you would like emails, calendars, contacts, and tasks to be handled

Record emails to Salesforce when sending messages. LinkPoint Connect: Cloud Edition will make it simple to associate emails to CRM records automatically.

  • Record emails automatically when the sender/recipient is a matching Salesforce lead or contact
  • Set rules to include or exclude specific email addresses or domains
  • Smart Address an email to tag it to a Salesforce object such as an account or opportunity

Sync what you want, where you need it. Users can set LinkPoint Connect: Cloud Edition to sync emails, calendars, and tasks. Create items once and they appear in your email client and Salesforce.

  • Choose one-way or two-way sync between Microsoft Exchange and Salesforce
  • Set independent rules to sync emails, calendars, contacts, and tasks
  • Schedule automatic sync to run at set intervals and certain times of day


LinkPoint Connect: Cloud Edition's innovative and reliable design helps users be more productive. Whether at your desk or on-the-go, it's never been easier to streamline working between Salesforce and Microsoft Exchange. Users have flexible control over how their data is managed and moved between separate systems. A one-time configuration is all it takes for users to send emails and create calendar items while knowing data is flowing to the correct system of record.

$16 per user/month
Microsoft Exchange Editions Hosted Exchange 2010 SP1 and later
Salesforce Editions Contact Manager, Group, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited
Platforms Cloud Edition integrates on the server level between Exchange and Salesforce.
Users can work from any platform (PC, Mac, Mobile, Web) where they can access these accounts.


Subscriptions are billed annually. Discount available for non-profits. Volume discounts available. Call or email for a custom quote.