The Challenge

The DAISY Foundation, headquartered in Glen Ellen, CA, is a non-profit which honors nurses and nursing faculty around the world. The foundation was formed in 1999 by the family of 33-year-old J. Patrick Barnes, who had just died of an immune system disease. In an effort to express their appreciation to the nurses who provided compassionate care not only to Patrick but to his family during his eight-week hospitalization, they created The DAISY Foundation. DAISY, which is an acronym for Diseases Attacking the Immune System, expresses the family’s gratitude to the nursing profession by providing programs for on-going recognition of outstanding nurses and nursing faculty and by funding nursing research.

The program is now regarded as a strategic tool for nurse recruitment, retention, and meaningful recognition. It has been adopted by more than 1,300 healthcare facilities and nursing schools in seven countries. When DAISY started using Salesforce for customer relationship management, the staff soon realized that there was no easy, quick way to log information from numerous emails exchanged with their partners into their CRM. “For years, we copied and pasted notes from Outlook to Salesforce and it was time consuming and inefficient,” said Bonnie Barnes, Co-Founder and President of The DAISY Foundation. “As we added partners and our foundation’s reach grew, we knew we needed to find a better way to capture and share critical information from emails.”

The Solution

“Salesforce send emails out, but it doesn’t receive them,” said Barnes. “When we received emails in Outlook, we needed to get that information into Salesforce so we could share it with all members of our organization.”

With no dedicated IT staff, DAISY turned to a trusted expert outside of the non-profit foundation. “Our Salesforce consultant is wonderful, and we go to her to solve all our CRM-related problems,” said Barnes. “When I told her about the issues we were having with copying and pasting notes from Outlook emails into Salesforce, she said she knew the fix for it – LinkPoint Connect. We ordered it right away.”

DAISY found LinkPoint Connect cost efficient, easy to learn, and easy to use.”With LinkPoint Connect, we were impressed with both the product and the service. Since we do not have an internal IT staff, having someone at LinkPoint360 walk us through the process and then be available to talk to us whenever we need additional help is invaluable,” Barnes said. “LinkPoint360 makes us feel like they not only want to help us but that they also want our business – even though we are a non-profit.”

The Results

After nearly two years using LinkPoint Connect, The DAISY Foundation has found that it saves time and keeps everyone on the same page. Barnes adds that the “Record to Salesforce” button serves as a constant reminder to the staff that important emails need to be shared with the rest of the team.

“Sharing information is one of the main reasons we have Salesforce, and LinkPoint Connect makes it easy to do that,” Barnes said.”In order to run our foundation, we are in touch with thousands of contacts. By using LinkPoint Connect to document our email conversations with our partners, everyone on our team knows exactly what has been discussed, enabling us to provide great service.”

Barnes said other non-profit organizations can benefit from LinkPoint360’s solutions. “When I speak to a colleague about contact management, I always tell them if you get Salesforce, make sure you get LinkPoint.”


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