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LinkPoint Connect promotes CRM adoption with tools designed to make it simple for users to record emails and related content to Microsoft Dynamics CRM without leaving IBM Notes. With flexible configuration settings, users can quickly record emails to contact, lead, account, opportunity, case, or custom object records with just a few clicks. In this article, you will learn how to edit or change the content of the email recorded to Microsoft Dynamics CRM without affecting the email recipient’s view of the content.


This article is a continuation of the recording process introduced in the Recording an Email to Salesforce from Lotus Notes article.


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Editing Email Content When Recording to Microsoft Dynamics CRM from IBM Notes

Step_1Select the Edit tab in the Record window.



Step_2Enter or edit the text in the Subject: field.



Tip_WebTip: This field automatically populates with the existing subject of the email. Users can alter the subject of the email to change how it will appear within Microsoft Dynamics CRM to help differentiate it from other recorded emails with the same subject line.

Step_3Enter or edit the text in the Body: field.



Tip_WebTip: This field automatically populates with the email string. Users can alter the contents of the email to reduce the amount of content recorded, such as removing repetitive messages, email signatures, or personal notes.

Step_4Click the Record Now button to record and send the email, or continue to work on the Record options by scheduling follow up details.


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