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LinkPoint Connect users can access Salesforce email templates from within Microsoft Outlook. Users can select a template and then include Salesforce data specific to a Contact, Lead, or other record to merge into the template’s fields in both the subject line and body of the email. In this section, you will learn how to work with Salesforce email templates in Outlook.


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Using Salesforce Email Templates in Outlook


Create an outbound email and enter the recipient(s) of the email if there are no recipients already populated.



Tip: You can move forward without entering recipients, but you will have more manual data selection to do when choosing the email template later in the process.

Step_2Click the Salesforce Email Template button on the Microsoft Outlook Ribbon.




Select a folder from the Folder drop-down list. This list mirrors the way that your email templates are organized within Salesforce.


Tip_WebTip: LinkPoint Connect will store a list of recently used email templates under the folder Favorites for you to return to frequently used templates.


Select an email from the Email Templates list.



Tip_WebTip: You can view additional information about each template on the right side of the Salesforce Email Templates window in the Details section.


Click the Apply button if the selected email does not require any additional steps or data selection.


Click the Next button if the selected email requires additional data selection to populate the template.



Tip_WebTip: LinkPoint Connect will prompt you regarding next steps in the Instructions section of the Salesforce Email Templates window.


Warning: Each template’s requirements will vary depending on the values needed for the original template. LinkPoint Connect will only be able to fill in content for standard Salesforce fields. If your template includes data merge for custom Salesforce objects, you will see the fields listed under the Merge fields not recognized: section of the Salesforce Email Templates window. These fields will appear as field names, without data populated, in the body of the email.



Determine the selections for the required template values. If an email template is designed to merge information specific to the recipient (such as a name, Account, and or Case), LinkPoint Connect will search Salesforce for Contact information that matches the required fields. Fields that have a single match will be noted in the Selected section of the Email Templates window and will appear checked off in the Instructions.



Tip_WebTip: You can insert information into the template for only one Contact. If you have multiple recipients on the email, you will have to manually select which Contact’s information should be used for the merge fields. LinkPoint Connect will display all matching Salesforce records based on the recipients on the actual email.


Review the Items in the Selected section of the Email Templates window. Mouse over an item and click the red x to remove it from the Selected list if needed.



Select any additional items from the Result section of the Email Templates window and click the green arrows to move them to the Selected list.


Tip_WebTip: LinkPoint Connect will automatically provide matches for required template values. However, if more than one match is found, you will have to manually select which value should be used for the merge field. LinkPoint Connect will display all matching Salesforce records as Results.

Enter text in the Search field and click Go to search for additional values as needed. Click the green arrow to add the item to the Selected list.



Tip_WebTip: If you do not specify a recipient on the email before launching the Email Templates wizard, you will have to search for all of the template values.

Click Apply once all of the template values have been associated with an Item. All of the values in the Instructions list will have a checkmark once this is complete.



Work with the email template within Outlook, and send and record the email when finished.


Warning: Once you import the template into the email, you will manually need to enter values for any fields for which LinkPoint Connect was unable to populate data.




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