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We’ve written a lot about our email integration tool for Salesforce. By now, you probably know that we integrate either Microsoft Outlook or IBM (Lotus) Notes with the popular CRM (and others, for that matter). But did you know that we also support integration between email and eleven different Salesforce applications?

First, what is a Salesforce application? The Salesforce AppExchange features 300+ applications, mostly developed by third parties, that bring additional functionality to the CRM. Some of these tie in outside functionality and content to Salesforce. Others build on top of or in Salesforce to add customization that caters to niche markets.


What are LinkPoint Solutions?

So what is a LinkPoint Solution? What the LinkPoint360 developers have done is create standardized integrations between email and a number of customized Salesforce applications. This way, users can record emails to record types or view data from objects that are unique to the Salesforce application. It’s our LinkPoint Connect software combined with an additional integration with objects specific to a customer’s Salesforce application. We currently offer 11 different LinkPoint Solutions that cater to users across industries such as recruiting, commercial real estate brokerage, and marketing automation. Today, I would like to give you a closer look at LinkPoint Connect for AIM.


Featured Solution: LinkPoint Connect for AIAIM-Logo-blackM

AIM by App-X is a Salesforce application developed for organizations dealing in fund management, providing solutions for alternative alternative asset fund managers, institutional investors, and impact investors. AIM brings together the insights organizations need to effectively track fundraising, due diligence, and portfolios.

Instead of working in out-of-the-box Salesforce or other CRM systems, end users gain an advantage with by being able to work with record types, fields, and workflows designed exactly for their industry. So, instead of working with a Lead record type, the AIM user would work with a Primary Contact Fundraising record type and fields specific to that type of record and interaction that occurs as part of the fundraising process.

LinkPoint360 takes the productivity gains of Salesforce applications like AIM and amplifies them by making it easier to work between email and AIM. End users still email back and forth with investors via Microsoft Outlook and IBM Notes. Those lines of communication need to make it back into the AIM system somehow. Instead of copying and pasting content (or forgetting to add the information altogether), AIM users can use LinkPoint Connect for AIM to record emails to AIM objects, view record details, and sync content between systems.


Functionality HighlightsBlog_AIM

  View AIM data inside your email client with seamless integration

  Access Contact and Account Interaction, Account and Primary Contact Fundraising, Deals, Funds, and Investors data

  Control where and how emails are recorded, including AIM objects such as Deals, Funds, Fundraisings, and Investors

  Choose to include attachments, such as PPMs, when recording emails

  Sync one-way or two-way between your email application and AIM when and how you want

  Schedule follow up tasks and appointments based on your contact’s status


Standardized Integration

The AIM objects currently available as part of the standardized LinkPoint Connect for AIM Solution are:


Free_TrialLinkPoint Connect helps users save time, work efficiently, and close more deals. Try LinkPoint Connect for AIM today for free. Not an AIM user? No problem. Choose your Integration and get started with a free 14-day trial of LinkPoint Connect.


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