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In many industries, spring is a peak hiring season – tourism, construction, hospitality and others all gear up for the late spring and summer months by bolstering their new hires and candidate pipelines. And if you manage hiring processes, or rely on the HR team to pass along top talent for your team, you understand the importance of having an established workflow, standardized applications, and an easy way to filter and access candidate details to find the standout applicants.

If you are already using an applicant tracking system or similar staffing management tool, you understand how chaotic it can be to flip between that system and your email application. With hundreds of candidate responses, interviews to coordinate, and two systems that are not made to work together, recruiters and HR professionals can end up buried in their inbox.


LinkPoint Connect for Jobscience

Blog_JobscienceLinkPoint Connect for Jobscience is one of 11 standardized integration solutions available from LinkPoint360 that works with an existing Salesforce application. Jobscience is built on the Salesforce platform and provides users dealing with staffing and recruitment a top rated system for managing the recruitment process. Recruiters can work from their applicant tracking system to view candidate details and applications, social media information, parsed resumes, and easy reporting all within an OFCCP/EEO compliant system.

Instead of working in out-of-the-box Salesforce or other CRM systems, end users gain an advantage with by being able to work with record types, fields, and workflows designed exactly for their industry. So, instead of working with a Lead record type, the Jobscience user would work with a Candidate record type and fields specific to that type such as Skills or Employment History.

LinkPoint360 makes Jobscience users even more productive by providing a standardized integration that connects Jobscience to either Microsoft Outlook and IBM Notes. Recruiters and HR teams can continue to work as usual from their email application. But instead of copying and pasting content into Jobscience, LinkPoint Connect makes it simple for users to record emails to specific Jobscience objects, view record details, and sync content between systems.


Functionality Highlights

View Jobscience data without leaving your email with seamless integration

  Access Employment History, Candidate Summary, Education History, Skills, and Application data

  Control where and how emails are recorded, including Jobscience objects such as Candidates and Contacts

Choose to include attachments, such as resumes or references, when recording emails

Sync one-way or two-way between your email application and Jobscience when and how you want

  Schedule follow up tasks and appointments, such as interviews and call backs, based on your candidate’s status


Standardized Integration

The Jobscience objects currently available as part of the standardized LinkPoint Connect for AIM Solution are:


Free_TrialLinkPoint Connect helps users save time, work efficiently, and close more deals. Try LinkPoint Connect for Jobscience today for free. Not a Jobscience user? No problem. Choose your Integration and get started with a free 14-day trial of LinkPoint Connect.


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