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It isn’t unusual when I talk to folks about our email to Salesforce integration tools for them to say something like Your product has a ton of features and benefits that look like they’d be valuable to us but we are still deciding how we want to use Salesforce here at ABC company.

When I hear this, I stop selling email integration, and I start selling Idea Mapping. is like a giant city.

Think New York, or Chicago, or Los Angeles.

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If I dropped you in the middle of one of these cities, surrounded by all these buildings and parks and rivers and bridges, and left you with no map and no smart phone, you might be a bit intimidated.

Same goes with your CRM.


Lost in the City of (and How to Get Un-Lost)

You can’t just turn your computer on, log into a new CRM and say OK, make me productive.

With all of the bells and whistles and features and plug-ins that Salesforce and their partners offer you, you’d wind up walking in a circle for half a day before you realized you didn’t get anywhere.

You need to sit down with a pad and pencil (yes, people still use those!) and drill down to what you really want for your CRM use.


Once you have goals for your CRM, you have direction.

Once you have direction, you can start planning the steps to get in that direction.


Tools for Mapping the Way

LinkPoint Connect offers a ton of valuable short cuts for making your use of Salesforce faster, easier, and more productive. But those short cuts only become valuable when you need them. When they take you to data (or let you input data) that you need on your mission.

One other hint about mapping your way around Salesforce: swallow your pride and buy a copy of Salesforce for Dummies. I did, and I haven’t regretted it yet. In fact, I got in on eBay for about $4.00. If you are new to Salesforce, whether you are an admin or an end user, it’ll be the best investment you make in yourself this quarter.

So map out your goals and plans for using Salesforce. Really understand why you are in this city and where you want to go. Then call us so we can show you how to use LinkPoint Connect to reach those monthly goals faster and more easily!


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