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This summer, we’ve been hard at work upgrading our website to provide a quick and easy user experience for each and every visitor. The second stage of our website roll out was the design and documentation of a new knowledge base…and we’re excited to announce that we are up and running with fresh help content for our LinkPoint Connect: Microsoft Outlook+Salesforce and LinkPoint Connect: Lotus Notes+Salesforce products! So, what makes this project so new and exciting?


More Content

We’ve made a detailed sweep through our products and added new articles, FAQs, and images to make it easy for new users to follow along with each and every LinkPoint Connect feature. Each article includes an overview, clear step-by-step instructions, tips, and links to additional resources. With more than 70 new knowledge base entries, you’ll have plenty of resources to learn and review at your own pace.

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More Graphics

Detailed images are included with nearly every step in the knowledge base. Be sure to click on the graphics in each article to see a bigger, clearer version of the image. The images show LinkPoint Connect inside of Microsoft Outlook 2013 and IBM Notes (Lotus Notes) 9 Social Edition. But we’re compatible with many other versions of the software as well.


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More Guides

You can download full versions of the product user guides as well as a new take on our Virtual Desktop Environment Installation Guide (for Citrix and Terminal Services users). Looking for a guide on a particular topic? Simply select the content from the main knowledge base page…

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And review the articles for that tutorial.

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More on the Way

We already have a jump on the next phase of our knowledge base. Be on the look out for new documentation for our Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration products, video vignettes, and productivity tips. And with new products in development for Q4 and beyond, our documentation will only keep growing from here!


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