LinkPoint360 is the leading provider of CRM integration solutions, dedicated to delivering software products that promote productivity, efficiency, and adoption for improved visibility and return on investment across an organization.



LinkPoint Connect streamlines data entry and access by enabling users to instantly view CRM data within their email client. Users can record inbound/outbound emails to contacts, leads, opportunities, cases, and custom objects with just a few clicks. Users can also instantly create new contacts from an email signature with simple drag-and-drop functionality, eliminating manual data entry. LinkPoint Connect synchronizes calendars, contacts and tasks to the CRM directly from the email application, and robust configuration options let users control how and which data is recorded and synched.

LinkPoint Connect supports Microsoft Outlook and IBM Notes email clients integrated with Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and Infor CRM for individual system installations as well as Citrix and Terminal Services environments.




LinkPoint ReCAPP enhances the business value of sales interactions by capturing critical meeting intel from sales reps via mobile devices. The tool brings productivity to sales reps by making meeting feedback a part of their natural sales process while adding very few obstacles for adoption within the teams. Integration with email and CRM systems eliminates the need to search for meetings or return to the CRM to take care of manual data entry. And the data captured fits the format you need and matches the content you want within your organization.

Sales reps sync the information gathered from sales meetings into the CRM as soon as the meeting ends and in the exact format the company wants. Organizations choose standardized questions based on the details important to how they do business. Sales reps provide answers in just minutes via mobile device. LinkPoint ReCAPP sends the data to the related records in the CRM for review and reporting.




LinkPoint Echo offers highly configurable email-to-CRM sync tools within the cloud for even greater flexibility and mobile access. LinkPoint Echo users will have a variety of controls to ensure that data moves how and when they want it to between email applications and Salesforce. Work from any mobile device or desktop on any platform. LinkPoint Echo syncs data within the cloud so you can focus on closing deals.

LinkPoint Echo will synchronize emails, calendars, contacts, and tasks directly between Microsoft Exchange or IBM Domino and Salesforce from any device using cloud technology. Work seamlessly between your mobile phone, tablet, web mail, or desktop.