LinkPoint ReCAPP for Salesforce

Enhance the business value of sales interactions by capturing critical meeting intel from sales reps. LinkPoint ReCAPP integrates Salesforce with an easy-to-use mobile application that minimizes data entry.

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Meet. ReCAPP. Close more deals.

With LinkPoint ReCAPP, organizations can gather feedback from sales reps right at the close of a meeting. Our mobile application presents custom questions with predetermined answers. Users are prompted to complete a ReCAPP with just a few taps on their mobile device. And the data syncs automatically to the fields you choose in Salesforce.

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How It Works

Determine how you want to organize your feedback.

  • Do all sales reps answer the same questions?
  • Do different teams encounter different client types or experience different barriers to sales?
  • How many stages are there in your sales lifecycle?
  • Which of these do you want to capture data on?

Start with standard questions and work with a LinkPoint360 Implementation Specialist to customize your instance of LinkPoint ReCAPP with your own question sets based on the structure you choose and your reporting goals.

Populate each question with a list of predefined answers to streamline data entry, collection, and reporting.


Reps can install the LinkPoint ReCAPP application on their mobile device. Inside sales teams can access LinkPoint ReCAPP via their web browser.


Field reps are notified on their mobile device at the close of a meeting, prompting them to complete a ReCAPP. With just a few swipes, users select answers from predefined questions based on the meeting type, in just minutes.


The content recapped by reps in the field is then summarized and synchronized to the related Salesforce records including Opportunities and Accounts. ReCAPPs are proactively sent to managers and other key stakeholders in the organization.



LinkPoint ReCAPP's fully customizable experience helps organizations get the most out of their meetings with prospects. From straightforward Q&A to more robust workflows with conditional logic and field-level integration, it’s never been easier to capture critical meeting intel within Salesforce. And no matter how you configure LinkPoint ReCAPP, sales reps see a simple interface and submit feedback in just minutes.

System Compatibility

Email Hosts Email server configuration does not restrict LinkPoint ReCAPP use. Microsoft Exchange users can leverage additional calendar integration features.
Salesforce Editions Contact Manager, Group, Professional, Enterprise, Performance
Mobile Platforms iOS and Android supported
$13 per user/per month *
LinkPoint ReCAPP for Salesforce
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* Subscriptions are billed annually. $13 pricing is base pricing. Additional customization may require additional set up charges.

10% discount available for non-profits. Volume discounts available.