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Fund management involves more than just managing an individual pipeline. Alternative asset fund managers, institutional investors, and impact investors working in silos can decentralize institutional knowledge and make it difficult to track communication and metrics. Increase AIM adoption throughout your organization with a solution that simplifies how you work with deals, fundraising, and investors. LinkPoint Connect unites the work your team does across email and AIM.

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AIM brings together the insights organizations need to effectively track fundraising, due diligence, and portfolios. By implementing AIM, users can manage complex accounts and workflows with a more complete picture of their business. LinkPoint Connect takes this insight a step further by bringing AIM data directly to your email client.

LinkPoint Connect’s flexible integration allows users to record emails, create new contacts or prospects, and view AIM data directly within Microsoft Outlook or IBM Notes all backed by automated synchronization of contacts, calendars, and tasks.

Save time. Streamline processes. Sell more.

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How It Works

View real-time data from AIM without ever leaving your email. Click on an email and the LinkPoint Connect Side Panel instantly displays that contact’s information as it appears in AIM.

  • View AIM data inside your email client with seamless integration
  • Access Contact and Account Interaction, Account and Primary Contact Fundraising, Deals, Funds, and Investors data
  • Click to open specific records or make VoIP calls for follow up
  • Toggle between related clients for specific emails based on To, Cc, and Bcc field data
  • Customize the record types and custom objects including the AIM data you want to see in your email client
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Record emails to AIM when sending messages from within your email application. LinkPoint Connect makes it easy to associate emails with the right contacts and accounts with just a few clicks.

  • Record emails easily when sending messages
  • Control where and how emails are recorded, including AIM objects such as Deals, Funds, Fundraisings, and Investors
  • Choose to include attachments, such as PPMs, when recording emails
  • Schedule follow up tasks and appointments based on your contact’s status
  • See which emails have already been recorded to AIM
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Create new records with ease…and without the hassle of copy and paste actions between your email and AIM. LinkPoint Connect makes data entry simple by bringing together the systems that support your processes.

  • Drag and drop an email signature to create new accounts and contacts
  • Auto-populate fields in AIM when creating new contacts
  • Create new opportunities, events, and tasks for specific records with an easy add button
  • Remain compliant with AIM required fields based on your existing business rules
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Sync what you want, where you need it. You work differently in email and AIM throughout the day. Save time and hassle by creating items once and having them sync where you need them. Users can set LinkPoint Connect to sync contacts, calendars, and tasks between systems.

  • Choose one-way or two-way sync between your email application and AIM
  • Set independent rules to sync contacts, calendars, and tasks
  • Select manual sync to push specific items to AIM or back to email
  • Use the Summary Screen to check your work to ensure accuracy
  • Schedule automatic sync to run when it’s most convenient for you
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Customize your email and AIM integration to mirror your current workflows. LinkPoint Connect supports custom objects and custom fields, putting the data specific to how you do business at your fingertips.

  • Choose the custom objects and fields you want to access in your email client based on your AIM configuration
  • Provide your requirements to the LinkPoint360 team
  • View and work with your AIM data directly within your email application
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LinkPoint Connect is designed to innovate how users work and foster productivity. It’s never been easier to streamline how you work between email and AIM.

System Compatibility

Microsoft Outlook Editions Office 365, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 (32 & 64 bit)
Supports IMAP and POP3
IBM Notes Editions Versions 9.x, 8.x, 7.x, 6.x (Basic & Standard)
Supports IMAP and POP3
Microsoft Windows Versions Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP (32 & 64 bit)
Virtual Desktop Environments Citrix and Terminal Services
$16-19 per user/month *
LinkPoint Connect for AIM
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* Subscriptions are billed annually

$16 per user/month for Microsoft Outlook users.
$19 per user/month for IBM Notes users.
10% discount available for non-profits.
Volume discounts available starting with subscriptions of 4 licenses or more.
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