Desktop Edition

How do I enter my License Key?

You can follow the simple steps to enter your license key in our existing knowledge base article.

How many machines can I install the software on?

Individual licenses and standard subscriptions allow for users to install LinkPoint Connect on three machines per user. Organizations working in a Citrix or Terminal Services environment should speak with a LinkPoint360 Account Executive for information about network deployments.

I am getting a script error when trying to connect to Salesforce

To resolve this script error:

  1. Open either Notepad or MS Word.
  2. Type your Salesforce password in either Notepad or MS Word.
  3. Highlight your password.
  4. Right-click and select Copy.
  5. Right-click in the LinkPoint Connect Salesforce Password field within LinkPoint Assist and select Paste.
  6. Click Login.

I am missing my LinkPoint Connect buttons but the Add-In is not disabled

In Outlook, select File, then Options, and then Add-Ins.

  1. At the bottom of the Add-Ins window, click Go next to the COM Addins.
  2. Select LinkPoint Outlook Addin and click Remove.
  3. Close Outlook.
  4. Select your Windows Start button, and navigate to All Programs. Select LinkPoint360 and then select Register Outlook Addin.
  5. Open Outlook. The LinkPoint Connect buttons should now be visible.

Contacts are not displaying in the Record To window or the Side Panel

This might occur if you have Contacts filtered out. Please follow these instructions to check this:

  1. Highlight an email.
  2. Click the Record to Salesforce button.
  3. Click the file folder to the left of the Search bar in the Record window.
  4. Make sure that Contact and all the appropriate items are checked.
  5. Close the window.

Is there a way to sync a different Contact folder?

You can change which folder in Outlook LinkPoint Connect uses to sync with.

  1. Close Outlook.
  2. Right click the LinkPoint Assist icon in the system tray and select Exit.
  3. Open the Windows Search field.
  4. Type %appdata%/LinkPoint360 and press Enter.
  5. Open the file named LinkPoint360.ini in Notepad.
  6. Find the section in the .ini file that says [Microsoft Outlook]
  7. Add this line to the bottom of the section SyncContactFolderName=(the folder name you want here)
  8. Save and close the file.
  9. Open Outlook.
  10. Right click the LinkPoint Assist icon in the system tray and select Open Sync in Manual Mode.
  11. Right click Contact and choose Rebuild History.
  12. Start the sync process.

Can I sync all contacts in Salesforce instead of just the contacts I own?

You can manually set the option to sync “All” contacts in Salesforce to Outlook.

  1. Close Outlook.
  2. Right click the LinkPoint Assist icon in the system tray and select Exit.
  3. Click Windows Start button.
  4. Type %appdata%/LinkPoint360\Sync in the Search field.
  5. Open the file named SalesforceMicrosoftOutlookContact.sync in Notepad.
  6. Find the line that reads as filterExpression=own and replace it withfilterExpression=all.
  7. Save and close the file.
  8. Re-open Outlook.
  9. Right click the LinkPoint Assist icon in the system tray and select Open Sync in Manual Mode.
  10. Select Contact and click Start Sync.
  11. The Sync Summary screen will appear.


Desktop Plus Edition

What does Desktop Plus offer?

Desktop Plus Edition includes all of the Desktop Edition functionality with added inroads to capture critical meeting intel with our Meeting Recap capability. Users have access to Side Panel shortcut icons as well as a dedicated mobile application. Both options lead users through a quick Q&A experience that collects data and maps it directly to Salesforce fields.

Where does the information flow to in my CRM?

It depends on how you answer the question of where to send this to. It can flow to either Fields and/or Notes in the Activity History field within Salesforce and can go basically to any object such as Accounts, Opportunities, Contacts, etc.  It depends on what your company wants.

How long does it take to complete a Meeting Recap?

It’s very quick and depends on the number of fields and notes your company is asking for you to gather. Typically, updating 20 fields/notes can take under two minutes.

What if I don’t know the answer to a question?

Skip it. You can always go in later and answer them.

What if the answer is not displayed for me to choose from?

Simply select Other and a text box will appear.  You can then either type in or speak into the app by selecting the dictation microphone on your mobile device.

Can we add questions or other fields?

Yes, speak to your manager about adding on more questions.

Can you add a general notes field at the end of the Meeting Recap?

Yes, speak to your manager about adding this to your instance of Desktop Plus Edition.

Can you create new opportunities from the app?

Not at this time.

Do I need to have a live internet connection to complete a Meeting Recap?


Why is my screen blank when I log into the mobile app?

The main My ReCAPPs screen will be blank until you complete your first Meeting Recap.


Cloud Edition

Does Cloud Edition work on a Mac?

Cloud Edition connects Microsoft Exchange and Salesforce accounts. The tool will sync emails, calendars, and tasks from any device or platform where the connected Exchange account is in use. Users can work between mobile phones, tablets, web mail, or desktop environments for both PC and Mac.

How is Cloud Edition different from Desktop Edition?

Desktop Edition is a PC-installed application that provides a real-time view of Salesforce data directly within Outlook, along with the ability to record emails and sync. Cloud Edition is a server-side tool that integrates Exchange and Salesforce directly. The initial Cloud Edition release will include automated email, calendar, contact, and task synchronization. Additional UI components are slated for later release.

Do you have the option to sync one way or bi-directionally with Cloud Edition for email, calendars, contacts, and tasks?

Cloud Edition includes configuration settings to support either one-way or bi-directional syncing of emails, calendars, contacts, and tasks.


General Questions

Which CRM systems do you integrate with?

Desktop and Desktop Plus Edition currently support integrations with Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Cloud Edition will support Salesforce integration.

What email clients do you integrate with?

Desktop and Desktop Plus Edition currently support integrations with Microsoft Outlook, Exchange, Office365, IBM (Lotus) Notes, and Domino. Cloud Edition will support Exchange and Exchange 365.

Do you offer support for Gmail users?

Desktop and Desktop Plus Edition currently support users who access their Gmail account information through Microsoft Outlook can take advantage of our LinkPoint Connect for Microsoft Outlook + Salesforce product via IMAP and POP3 integrations. Cloud Edition will not support Gmail users.

Does your solution integrate with Salesforce Chatter?

Desktop and Desktop Plus Edition currently support integration with Chatter that provides real time, read only insight into the Chatter feeds related to Contacts or Accounts.

Which VoIP services do you integrate with?

Desktop and Desktop Plus Edition currently support integration with M5Networks, Ring Central, Skype. Users enter their separate VoIP credentials to be able to use click-to-call functionality within LinkPoint Connect.

Do you offer customization or configuration services?

LinkPoint360’s Professional Services team provides customization and configuration assistance as part of our LinkPoint GoLive packages. New and existing customers can outline their exact business needs, including workflow, user-based permissions, and custom objects/fields and our team will work directly with you to adapt LinkPoint Connect to meet those needs. Please contact your Account Executive or email for a personalized quote.

Does your product work on mobile devices?

Customers who send email from a mobile device but leave their main computer on and running will experience calendar, contact, and task sync via LinkPoint Connect even if working remotely, depending on established sync settings.

What computer platforms does your product support?

Desktop and Desktop Plus Edition currently run on PC systems. Cloud Edition will support cross-platform users (including Mac systems and mobile devices) with server-side tools that do not require local installation.

How is your pricing structured?

All LinkPoint Connect integrations are provided as a per user/per month subscription service that is billed annually. Volume discounts are available for organizations in need of larger subscription amounts. Discounts are also available at 10% for non-profit organizations. Please contact your Account Executive or email for a personalized quote.

How can I get additional assistance with LinkPoint Connect?

Be sure to search our complete Knowledge Base for additional articles and videos. The LinkPoint360 Support Team is available Monday-Friday from 9am – 5pm EST. You can contact them via live chat on our website, by emailing, or by calling 732-212-8403.


Interested in learning more? Contact our Sales Team to learn more about how LinkPoint360 can help your organization become more efficient and more productive.