Does LinkPoint Echo work on a Mac?

Yes, LinkPoint Echo is fully compatible with the Mac OS X operating system.


How is LinkPoint Echo different from LinkPoint Connect?

LinkPoint Connect is desktop based providing real-time view of Salesforce data including custom objects directly within Outlook. LinkPoint Echo is cloud based, working within email, calendar, contact, and task synchronization of data on outlook client, web mail, and mobile/tablet devices.


Do you have to use LinkPoint Connect to use LinkPoint Echo?

No, LinkPoint Echo can be used alone without LinkPoint Connect. For great efficiency, using the two products together gives Echo the ability to sync email, calendar, contact, and tasks, while Connect provides a real-time view of Salesforce data directly within Outlook.


Do you have the option to sync one way or bi-directionally with LinkPoint Echo for email, calendars, contacts, and tasks?

LinkPoint Echo will include configuration settings to support either one-way or bi-directional syncing of emails, calendars, and tasks. Contact sync will be included in later release phases.



How can I learn more about LinkPoint Echo?

You can explore our product page or sign up to receive email updates as we move closer toward general release.


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