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Blog_Yes but WhyEvery day, I have the pleasure of teaching the public how to use LinkPoint Connect…the tool is used to integrate Outlook or IBM Notes into Salesforce or MSCRM (Dynamics).

I’ve been doing this for years, and it’s very easy for me to demonstrate all the hints, tips, tricks and features that make LinkPoint Connect so valuable.

It’s easy to talk about how to integrate Outlook into Salesforce, but it occurred to me that we never talk about why. Why do we need integration? Why is the concept of integrating email into CRM so valuable?


So let’s talk about this.


Yes, but…why?

First – Productivity and Efficiency.

You and your team are busy.

You have clients to help. Questions to answer. Orders to enter. Follow ups to make.

You are busy and time is money.

How much time do you want to waste looking for information? (Hint: if you answered anything except none, you lose. Go back to Go. Do not pass jail. Do not collect a dollar or a donut…)

It doesn’t make sense to sort and comb through your In Box every time you get an email. How will you even FIND that email in reasonable time?!

It doesn’t make sense to leave Outlook, go into your CRM and manually search out the person who emailed you trying to remember who she is and what you last talked about.

It doesn’t make sense to check your CRM, and your calendar, and your task list, and your email every time someone emails you just to get your bearings on what you are working on.

The way to be efficient and productive the way to ensure that you have time to do revenue generating tasks is to have all of your important information instantly at your fingertips and eyeballs, every time you need it.


Second – Sharing Across the Enterprise.

Ok, let’s pretend for a moment that you have an ironclad memory. You know everything you talked to everyone about.

Unlikely, but I’ll humor you. Now, humor me.

What happens when your co-worker needs that information? What happens when you need to know what someone else spoke about what opportunities they are working on, etc.? Does it make sense for all of you to walk around the office, seeking our co-workers, asking where they left off on the last call/email?

Of course not.

A good integration tool ensures that important information in available to everyone in the organization.

So you can spend less time consorting with co-workers and spend more time talking to customers.


Third – Shorter Learning Curves.

Salesforce and MS Dynamics both provide a lot of bells and whistles. So much information that you can enter, access, and share. Sometimes, at first, it can seem a little overwhelming.

A good integration tool does not force you to unlearn what you know about using your CRM and then force you to learn new methods.

In fact, a good integration tool makes it faster and easier to do the things you already know how to do!

Data goes where you are accustom to find it you can just get it there faster. Shorter learning curves ensure that everyone is using the CRM properly. And using your CRM properly ensures information is readily available to you.

And after all knowledge is power.


Fourth – Accuracy and Accountability.

It’s human nature to want to be left to your own devices. No one wants to be stood over and scrutinized. But what we often forget is that accurate analytics are a tool that firms use to improve and excel.

Frankly you cannot get better unless there is an accurate measure of what you are doing. And you cannot be told that you are doing exceptionally well, unless there is accurate data to prove it.

You and your organization put a lot of time and money and effort into learning and using a CRM. Using it accurately and thoroughly putting in data regularly and evaluating it is a gift.

It makes for a powerful tool.

It can make teams better, it can make organizations stronger, it can help you to wipe out the competition or successfully break into new markets.

So a good integration tool provides the fastest and easiest means to use your CRM. And we all want our day to be fast and easy.


So WHY integrate Email with CRM?


You betchya.


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About the Writer: Today’s blog was written by LinkPoint360 Global Sales Manager Jeff Eskow. You can find him on LinkedIn or email him at