Dynasty Financial Partners

"LinkPoint Connect offered visibility and ways to update the CRM without complicating an advisor's workday. It helped our clients in more ways than one, and the support we received was fantastic."

Ryan O'Connell

Assistant Vice President, Product Specialist CRM
Dynasty Financial Partners

The Challenge

Dynasty Financial Partners, founded in 2010, is headquartered in New York City and supports a client network of independent registered investment advisors. Dynasty provides unique platforms and CRM solutions built on Salesforce, and additional client services encompass operational and technical support.

The program is now regarded as a strategic tool for nurse recruitment, Dynasty Financial Partners needed a way to help their clients relay information from their email application back to their CRM platform. Dynasty caters to a specific advisor market with a customized CRM including specialized objects, record types, and fields to streamline end user experiences. However, Dynasty lacked an email integration solution that would work in tandem with their CRM.

The right email solution would assist advisors with email recording, follow-up creation, and insight into CRM data via the email application itself. “Our clients needed critical interactions added to the CRM but without manual effort or searching for content after the fact,” said Ryan O’Connell, Assistant Vice President, Product Specialist CRM, Dynasty Financial Partners. Dynasty also wanted to provide their advisors with a seamless experience that would deliver data consistency and features such as Calendar and Contact sync. “The advisors spend their entire day in Outlook, so being able to sync Outlook Contacts to the CRM was extremely important for them,” said O’Connell.

In addition, Dynasty required a vendor that could accommodate their Resource Partnership account structure with centralized billing, licensing, and technology access.

The Solution

Dynasty Financial Partners selected LinkPoint Connect as its email integration solution based on its ability to meet diverse needs, customization options, and implementation support. Dynasty successfully implemented LinkPoint Connect and deployed it across a decentralized subaccount client base to streamline integration with its CRM for all of its end users. “The onboarding process was simple, working with our advisors’ IT providers for installation,” said O’Connell. “Having a complete and preconfigured package that worked across the board made everything simple.”

Dynasty end users found LinkPoint Connect easy to learn and were up and running with ease. “Many of our users have limited or no prior CRM experience,” said O’Connell. “But when we set them up with LinkPoint Connect, they had immediate success with it because it was super easy for them to understand.” Dynasty completed the rollout to over 100 end users across more than 10 accounts. “The lightweight and dependable nature of the software was what drew us to and now continues to excite us about LinkPoint Connect,” said O’Connell.

LinkPoint360 also supported Dynasty’s client account structure by unifying all subaccounts, providing consolidated invoicing, and delivering unique license keys. “The fact that LinkPoint360 accommodated all of our separate client offices as subaccounts under one main Dynasty account is the ideal situation for us,” said Carolyn Boyce, Assistant Vice President, Technology, Dynasty Financial Partners.

The Results

Dynasty Financial Partners found that LinkPoint Connect provided the advisors an efficient way to meet their need for logging emails with a simple one-click process to the CRM. LinkPoint Connect eliminated the switch between two systems and allowed the advisors to immediately log a call or schedule a follow-up task right within the Side Panel, which was vital when capturing client interactions. Dynasty clients reported increased visibility into account activities as a result of consistent data capture. “Having a reportable, transparent CRM platform is key to success,” said O’Connell.

Advisors also reacted positively to being able to edit subject lines prior to recording an email, which kept conversations organized within the CRM. Additionally, the drag and drop functionality provided a quick way to create new CRM records from email signatures, eliminating the need to manually key in data. The built-in Contact Sync made new user onboarding a more efficient process by removing the manual step of adding business contacts to the CRM. “LinkPoint Connect offered visibility and ways to update the CRM without complicating an advisor’s workday,” said O’Connell. “It helped our clients in more ways than one, and the support we received was fantastic.”

With increased CRM adoption and realized client value, Dynasty expanded its client base and its deployment of LinkPoint Connect over time. “One of the most important pieces of technology for advisors is their CRM system,” said O’Connell. “As our advisor teams and clients grow, they need to rely more on their CRM and more on LinkPoint Connect.”