Customer Success

LinkPoint360 offers more than just software solutions. We pride ourselves on supporting our clients throughout their journey with us.

From the initial discovery where we strive to learn exactly which solutions meet your needs, we work with you to deploy software to the right teams and provide live support and online content to educate and empower end users. And we achieve all of this within the context of Customer Success.

LinkPoint360 Customer Success is founded on the belief that customers can maximize their software subscription value through various engagement channels.

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Maintaining Momentum

Starting with the onboarding process, the CSM works hand in hand with the customer as a liason with the LinkPoint360 Professional Services Team to facilitate timely and efficient implementation of LinkPoint Connect.​

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Mapping Plans

Customer Success begins at the point of purchase, where new clients are transitioned from their Account Executive to a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) who remains with the account moving forward. From the start, new customers receive introductory materials designed to launch LinkPoint Connect and to preview the services and steps that will come next as part of the implementation process. 

Our goal is to map out an implementation that assesses all goals, key stakeholders, and actionable steps to ensure a smooth experience.​

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Managing Success

Once the software is deployed, the CSM conducts ongoing strategic check-ins with the client’s key stakeholders to ensure successful end user adoption throughout the organization.​

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Making Certain

Customer Success is more than just implementation support and extends beyond a help service. Our CSMs are available to assist with any account questions, best practice consultation, and general customer care resources. Getting too technical? We’ll call in our internal experts. We want to make certain that your goals are achieved and expectations are met.​

"We can now better train and encourage them on the benefits of this program."


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