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Flexible, Configurable Software Deployment Services

LinkPoint Connect is designed to provide a variety of out-of-the-box integrations for Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM, making it simple and seamless for users to install and use the tool to its full potential in just minutes.

For customers working in more complex environments or with particular integration needs, LinkPoint360 offers additional professional services to customize and deploy LinkPoint Connect.

Deployment services | LinkPoint 360 email and CRM integration software graphic

"We've customized to make the application even more usable. We couldn't be more happy with the functionality and the service."


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Custom Implementation Services

LinkPoint360 offers a Quick Start Guide and implementation services intended to give first-time customers the level of assistance that best supports their onboarding needs

 This includes clients looking to customize the available fields and features in the application, requiring assistance with Citrix or Terminal Services deployment, or implementation within IBM Notes Templates.

LinkPoint360 develops all software solutions with an eye to flexibility for end users. Customers with unique workflows and business needs can collaborate with our Professional Services Team to identify the most efficient ways to configure the software for their organization. Customization capabilities include, but is not limited to:

  • Enabling or disabling features
  • Pre-configuring default settings
  • Customizing installer files for specialize deployment
  • Managing update preferences
  • Integrating inline field updates

Software That Grows With You

CRM systems are always evolving, and so is LinkPoint Connect. With multiple releases each year, LinkPoint Connect grows with the CRM ecosystem with a constant eye to user experience and productivity.

Products and services provided by LinkPoint360 are automatically updated by default. Clients can request that upgrades be disabled by default and then manually released at the discretion of internal IT teams. Upgrades are provided at no additional cost and include Professional Services deployment support and training content via LinkPoint360 Customer Success.

Existing customers can request additional customization to optimize their LinkPoint Connect experience as their CRM and business needs change.

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Deployment services | LinkPoint 360 email and CRM integration services graphic
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Custom Application Integration

Working with a specialized Salesforce application or industry-centered overlay for your CRM? No problem! LinkPoint Connect automatically detects the custom settings specific to systems built on the Salesforce Platform.

Whether you’re working with Partner Communities, Shield encryption, or partner applications like Apto or Navatar, LinkPoint Connect integrates your CRM with Outlook right out of the box. LinkPoint Connect brings enhanced productivity to clients in niche markets with solutions for custom objects, fields, and workflows.

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LinkPoint GoLive

LinkPoint360 offers LinkPoint GoLive implementation packages intended to give first-time customers the level of assistance that best supports their implementation needs. LinkPoint360 products and services are developed with ease of use and productivity in mind, enabling many individual users and organizations to have their teams up and running with LinkPoint Connect with minimal effort.

Our LinkPoint GoLive offering provides clients with access to a dedicated LinkPoint360 Professional Services representative, who will kick off the LinkPoint360 experience with a brief discovery call. This call is designed to identify unique client needs, outline items requiring configuration or customization, and get to know the customer’s end goals. Our team evaluates the client’s existing workflows and internal process to define the most effective way to configure the LinkPoint360 software. Modified installers are provided for the client after testing to ensure that the changes work with the customer’s system.

We create custom installer packages with preconfigured software and work with the client’s internal software distribution and security teams to ensure a seamless deployment including sandbox testing. For companies working with IBM Notes, we advise on the use of our custom script templates to assist with adoption. Customers are able to deploy the software internally and can attend a new user webinar with their Account Executive for training purposes.

Investment-industry consulting firm selects LinkPoint Connect based on its ability to meet diverse needs, customization options, and implementation support.

“The onboarding process was simple, working with our advisors’ IT providers for installation. Having a complete and preconfigured package that worked across the board made everything simple.”

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