Get the Full Partner Picture with LinkPoint Connect for Salesforce Partner Communities

LinkPoint Connect’s flexible integration allows users in Partner Communities to record emails, create new leads or contacts, view Salesforce data, and sync calendar details directly from Microsoft Outlook or IBM Notes. Users remain working where they are most comfortable – their email – while data and correspondence make their way back to the CRM.

Salesforce Partner Communities

Channel partners and external contributors can have a major impact on a company’s success. These contributors take on any number of roles depending on industry – mortgage broker, technology consultant, contracted sales specialists. Coordinating these external efforts with internal teams to manage accounts, project revenue, and track metrics is challenging. These critical team members are often accustomed to working on their own and can be difficult to engage with or gain insight into.

Salesforce Partner Communities serve as a gateway to your business for these partner components and a centralized depository for third-party contributions (capturing leads, projecting opportunities). But Salesforce is only as good as the data it contains, and enticing vendors, contractors, or independent teams to update or use Salesforce can be difficult.

Partners – Never Leave Outlook

LinkPoint Connect streamlines working between Salesforce and email, making it easy to update the CRM without ever leaving your inbox. LinkPoint Connect takes just a few minutes to set up, fits into your existing workflow, and helps you demonstrate your value to the teams and organizations relying on you to propel their (and your) business.
  • View Salesforce records instantly inside Outlook without switching to the web browser.
  • Create and edit the records you need to organize your work, such as Accounts or Opportunities.
  • Record emails with a single click, adding them to Salesforce without a second thought.
  • Sync calendars, contacts, and tasks for streamlined management without double data entry.

Companies – See What You’re Missing

LinkPoint Connect can be packaged and customized for companies to offer as an additional service benefit to their vendor network. Businesses that provide LinkPoint Connect to their Salesforce Partner Community Users enhance both the value of these partnerships and their instance of Salesforce with communications, contacts, and content that were otherwise missing.

  • Foster accountability between internal and external contributors.
  • Capture critical interactions for a complete view of account health and projections.
  • Increase Salesforce adoption with third-party contributors with CRM inroads built for their workflow.
  • Assess the quality and contributions of your partner network with greater accuracy.

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