ETE Reman

"I have yet to find a product that makes it easier to record emails than LinkPoint Connect... the ability to be selective with when and where we record emails in Salesforce was critical to our success."

James Young

Manager, Sales Operations and Enablement
ETE Reman

The Challenge

ETE Reman, an automotive company based in Milwaukee, WI, remanufactures automatic transmissions and transfer cases for domestic, foreign, high performance, and exotic cars and trucks. Established in 1985, ETE Reman has continuously excelled in the manufacturing industry with over 4,000 different transmissions for over 16,000 vehicle applications and regional warehouses throughout the USA.

ETE Reman’s Salesforce rollout had an instant effect across the organization for the improvement of existing processes and data capture. However, differences in how information was recorded or left out of the CRM became clear as usage increased within the CSR team.

ETE Reman needed a way to track noteworthy customer exchanges occurring via email within Salesforce. “Seeing the communication around our customer relationship building – value points, plans, satisfaction levels – benefits our CSR team and has a direct business impact,” said James Young, Manager, Sales Operations & Enablement at ETE Reman. “My goal with our Salesforce launch was to get as many of these interactions into the CRM as possible.”

The Solution

ETE Reman evaluated several tools on the market for email recording to Salesforce. While many options provided ways to record emails, few offered the depth of integration that ETE Reman required. “We needed more than simple outbound email recording. Having the ability to record emails helps us see overall communication between CSRs and our customers,” said Young. “A solution for us had to have the flexibility to archive past emails ad-hoc and the ability to relate an email to any Salesforce record of our choosing, not just those where the recipients match the CRM Contact.”

LinkPoint Connect’s native email recording functionality was the best fit for ETE Reman. The Record Window offered out-of-the-box support to record emails to any standard Salesforce object type or record. Outbound emails could be recorded as part of the send process, and inbound or historical emails could be archived to Salesforce whenever needed. “In the end, we chose LinkPoint Connect because it met our core email recording needs, “said Young, “It was also easy to install, could support custom Salesforce objects, and I had past experience working with the team and their products.”


The Results

ETE Reman started using LinkPoint Connect’s Smart Record and Smart Send email recording features and saw an immediate rise in productivity. “The goal was to make the team more efficient by limiting clicks,” said Young. ETE Reman purchased a LinkPoint Connect license for each CSR team member and experienced successful adoption. “LinkPoint Connect is easy to use and training is straightforward,” said Young. “We had everyone up and running in 10 minutes.”

The ease of LinkPoint Connect adoption helped ETE Reman’s CSRs become more efficient while ensuring that emails were recorded to the correct Salesforce records. “One of my favorite features is the ability to highlight multiple inbox emails and bulk record to Salesforce with Smart Record,” said Young. “The software does all of the work for you, automatically recording each email to the right Salesforce record.”

Additionally, ETE Reman found the Record Window helpful to match emails to Salesforce Accounts and Contacts, giving the team better selection for where to record their emails. “The ability to be selective with when and where we record emails in Salesforce was critical to our success”, said Young. “I have yet to find a product that makes it easier to record emails than LinkPoint Connect.”