"LinkPoint Connect makes our very complicated CRM system very user friendly. It simplified a complex system and made it easier for users to utilize our CRM to the fullest."

John Sullivan

VP Investment Research

The Challenge

Healthios is a healthcare-focused investment bank and advisory firm. The Healthios Exchange is a unique research platform which enables invited users – which include strategic buyers, institutional investors and their portfolio companies – to access resources, research, and relationships. The company utilizes a Salesforce platform with two purposes: as an external research portal for their clients to access healthcare research, and as a way to internally manage the workflow of investment banking deals.

In the spring of 2011, Healthios was trying to build a platform within Salesforce that could track the institutional interactions they have with the market. To do this successfully, Healthios needed a way to link their Microsoft Outlook email with their CRM. At the time they were also setting up a VoIP plug-in from M5 Networks. A Salesforce consultant referred Healthios to LinkPoint360 to find a solution for their complicated problem.

The Solution

Healthios had many custom objects in Salesforce to which they needed to link their emails. “We had to make sure that whatever solutions we found could work with this,” said John Sullivan, VP Investment Research at Healthios. “Off-the-shelf wasn’t going to work for us so we needed a company that could customize a solution for us.”

Sullivan saw that LinkPoint Connect was ranked first on the Salesforce AppExchange, an online marketplace for cloud computing applications. He downloaded LinkPoint Connect’s free evaluation and then challenged the LinkPoint360 team to tailor a solution to fit Healthios’ needs. “We’ve got really complex custom objects in our CRM and within a couple of hours, LinkPoint360 was able to figure out a way to make their solution work for us,” said Sullivan. “They quickly and easily adapted their product to our custom needs.”

To add to the complexity of the task, Healthios was also in the process of deploying a new VoIP solution for click-to-dial service and call reporting capabilities, so the email integration company was going to have to work with additional service providers along with Healthios. “LinkPoint360 was able to work with M5 Networks, Salesforce, and Outlook,” said Sullivan. “Three different solutions were able to work together. Having one interface for many different activities tremendously added to the ease of use.”

The Results

Sullivan said that LinkPoint360 has given Healthios users the ability to tag an email to a very specific data point in their CRM system. This makes it very easy to retrieve data when generating reports for clients. “It has made our front end of data entry so easy that our reporting to clients has become far more robust,” he said. Sullivan appreciated the responsiveness of LinkPoint360’s team and its seamless integration with Outlook.

Healthios had a complex CRM set up that was going to require a custom solution. By putting their trust in the highly recommended email integrator LinkPoint360, the investment bank and advisory firm would up with a more efficient, easy-to-use, better utilized CRM. “LinkPoint Connect makes our very complicated CRM system very user friendly,” Sullivan concluded. “It simplified a complex system and made it easier for users to utilize our CRM to the fullest.”