"Instant access to Salesforce within Outlook makes LinkPoint Connect absolutely worth it. We're extremely pleased with our decision to go with LinkPoint Connect, and the tool has become a natural part of how our teams work in Outlook."

Stacey Way

Digital Marketing Manager

The Challenge

Healthx, based in Indianapolis, IN, provides cloud-based healthcare payer platforms for more than 170 payer organizations and 22 million members nationwide. Since 1998, Healthx has supported the healthcare industry with innovative SaaS solutions offering self-service tools to streamline customer service, improve operational efficiencies, and support member engagement and provider collaboration.

In 2014, Healthx expanded its internal staff to support its growing business, but with the growth spurt came a series of inefficiencies. Sales and account management teams began overlapping one another with key prospect and customer touchpoints as different groups developed different processes.

Healthx quickly realized that it would need a solution to help streamline communication while also tracking talking points within Salesforce. “There are many touchpoints on an opportunity before it closes. We needed a tool that would capture the touchpoints and show who said what to whom throughout the relationship,” said Stacey Way, Digital Marketing Manager at Healthx.

The Solution

Healthx explored the available options for Salesforce email integration, looking for one that would be intuitive, simple to use, and easy to adopt. Prior attempts to integrate email failed when the tools were complicated for end users or caused their computers to slow down or freeze programs. “We needed a solution that could be implemented quickly and would be reliable,” said Way. “The software also needed to make life easier for our account managers, not more complicated with a learning curve.”

Healthx decided to test LinkPoint Connect based on recommendation. The free trial process gave the entire team time to explore the full functionality of the software and make sure that it would meet their performance and adoption needs. “The flexibility of the trial process was helpful and low risk,”said Way. “LinkPoint Connect immediately stood out with its ease of use. It only took minutes to set up.”

Additional training content from the LinkPoint360 knowledge base supported Healthx team members who needed more resources. “LinkPoint Connect is designed to be simple to implement and intuitive,” said Glenn Lehner, Chief Business Development Officer, LinkPoint360. “We also support each implementation with customer resources, a dedicated Account Executive, and our Customer Success Manager, available to assist however needed.”

The Results

Healthx realized immediate productivity gains after choosing LinkPoint Connect to integrate Salesforce and Microsoft Outlook. “Our sales teams are clearly more efficient,” said Way. “Everyone takes advantage of the recording window to get emails into Salesforce, and many also create their follow-up tasks at the same time – finishing two items at once.” Shortcut icons and the instant data displayed in the Side Panel help Healthx users get to the Salesforce information they need without wasting time searching. “LinkPoint Connect makes our very complicated CRM system very user friendly. It simplified a complex system and made it easier for users to utilize our CRM to the fullest,” said Way.

Email to CRM integration with LinkPoint Connect gave Healthx an easy way to streamline their touchpoints with prospects and customers. With email interactions captured and recorded, Salesforce became a stronger system of record. “LinkPoint Connect provides a quick way to record emails into Salesforce, saving us time and giving us better records of activity by client on the contact record,” said Dwight Klunzinger, Vice President of Account Management, Healthx.

LinkPoint Connect helped Healthx streamline processes and close the gap on communication for a lengthy internal touchpoint process. “We have eliminated a number of redundant entries in Salesforce, so we have a clear idea of the interactions for each account,” said Way. “Instant access to Salesforce within Outlook makes LinkPoint Connect absolutely worth it. We’re extremely pleased with our decision to go with LinkPoint Connect, and tool has become a natural part of how our teams work in Microsoft Outlook.”