Professional Office Services

"We keep uncovering new ways the LinkPoint Connect can make our sales team even more efficient, and the value is clear... the best part is that the reps can easily record emails, view an Opportunity, and see their upcoming Events related to the record in one place. "

Kirsten Cetrano

Digital Marketing Manager
Professional Office Services

The Challenge

Professional Office Services (POS), is a healthcare communications company that has worked with medical and dental practices for more than 45 years. POS specializes in healthcare design, print, patient payment services, digital messaging and patient surveys. And they do it with a focus on the practice’s brand.

Professional Office Services outbound field reps relied heavily on their Outlook calendars to structure and manage their days. However, POS management and Salesforce admins encouraged the use of Salesforce Events for clearer scheduling and tracking. Previous integration solutions, implemented to avoid duplicate data entry, failed to work reliably, which posed a challenge for syncing calendars. POS needed a solution that integrated with an older email server that was not on a standard Exchange or Outlook 365 server.

The software also had to support both calendar and email sync with options to preconfigure settings and ensure clean data in Salesforce. “We needed a solution that would support our efforts to train reps to rely more on Salesforce data and insights related to their calendar events,” said Kristen Cetrano, Digital Marketing Manager at POS. “The right software would sync consistently to Salesforce without changing much of how our reps work with their Outlook calendar.”

The Solution

Professional Office Services discovered LinkPoint360 in its search for third-party email integration for Salesforce. Cetrano attended the Salesforce World Tour Boston where LinkPoint360 was a Gold Sponsor. “I came across LinkPoint360 and explained our unique server requirements. They confirmed that we did not need an Exchange server, and that is where it started,” said Cetrano.

After the tradeshow, 3 POS sales reps trialed LinkPoint Connect to determine whether its features fit their workflow needs. “We needed something intuitive for a wide range of novice to more tech savvy users,” said Cetrano. “The feedback from testing was that LinkPoint Connect was easy to use.” The fact that LinkPoint360 could preconfigure and lock settings to match workflow requirements was also key.

After working with LinkPoint360’s Professional Services team, POS was up and running. “I was sent an Implementation Plan where I could indicate how I wanted the software configured. The experience was seamless,” said Cetrano. The final installer included settings for standardized, automatic calendar sync and limited email recording access to ensure that reps were able to associate items with the correct Salesforce records.

The Results

Professional Office Services received immediate positive feedback from its sales reps after the LinkPoint Connect rollout. “We want our reps to structure their days efficiently,” said Cetrano. “Having their appointments in Salesforce, related to relevant records, makes it easy for them to review past activity and prepare in advance to make the appointments as relevant as possible for the client.” Calendar sync helped reps organize their prospecting and build account views for each territory with recurring events.

Ease of adoption helped POS users leverage more Salesforce data with fewer steps. “The best part is that the reps can easily record emails, view an Opportunity, and see their upcoming Events related to the record in one place,” said Cetrano.

Additional features beyond the original purchase reason quickly became beneficial to the team. The Side Panel within Outlook made users more efficient when working from an email by presenting real-time Salesforce data. Access to the Salesforce Address Book and Salesforce Email Templates via Outlook made it easy for reps to leverage scripts and standard language when doing outreach initiatives. “We keep uncovering new ways that LinkPoint Connect can make our sales team even more efficient,” said Cetrano. “The value is clear, and we have continued to add new LinkPoint Connect users as we roll out the product to the whole sales team.”