TGaS Advisors

"There are other third-party solutions to Salesforce integration, but this is one of the few that I've seen that really compliments Salesforce and delivers significant value."

Peter Bittinger

Senior Vice President of Operations and Analytics
TGaS Advisors

The Challenge

TGaS Advisors, founded in 2003 and based in Pennsylvania, provides advisory services for life science, biotech, and pharmaceutical industries. TGaS provides business strategy consulting in multiple areas in marketing, legal operations, sales, and support services.

TGaS Advisors initially implemented LinkPoint Connect in 2015 to address the need to capture communication in Salesforce as part of their CRM deployment. As the company expanded and employee needs shifted, TGaS began exploring enhanced functionality to automate email recording. “The main goal was recording emails into Salesforce in a way that is easiest for users,” said Senior Vice President of Operations and Analytics, Peter Bittinger.

Additionally, the right software would provide a centralized way to implement, install, and direct usage from a management perspective. “LinkPoint Connect has been the right solution for our email integration since day one,” said Bittinger. “As the sole admin, I recognized that we needed to take this a step further with software that would increase our Salesforce adoption while alleviating administration concerns and end-user error.”

The Solution

TGaS Advisors reevaluated their options for email integration but found that LinkPoint360 offered additional Editions to meet their changing needs. LinkPoint Connect: Cloud Edition provided seamless implementation and access for employees, essential to TGaS deployment goals. “Cloud Edition’s centralized deployment helped all of our users get up and running on their own,” said Bittinger. With nothing to install, Cloud Edition was easily provisioned and configured via the web browser with end user connections to Exchange and Salesforce accounts.

Cloud Edition also offered the teams an easy way to capture all of their emails and meetings and then automatically sync them to the CRM. “I think the real benefit was that when we implemented Cloud Edition, all of the employees’ activities were included on their manager reports, and they don’t have to do anything,” said Bittinger. By automating email and calendar sync, TGaS users could focus on corresponding with prospects and customers while Cloud Edition managed data between Exchange and Salesforce. Sync preferences were set in the web portal and applied to all connected users.

“Cloud Edition was appealing because it allowed me to do everything behind the scenes, limit user intervention, and eliminate the need to install software locally,” said Bittinger. Admin access and dashboards ensured consistent data capture while reporting clearly showed which users were connected. “Utilizing admin controls, I can continually keep track of all user connections and settings, and when there is an issue it can be addressed promptly,” said Bittinger.

The Results

Once implemented, managers saw a rise in emails recorded to Salesforce. Prior to implementation, employees lost time in their workdays by manually recording each email to the CRM. Cloud Edition ensured that every communication was captured to meet TGaS compliance needs. Managers can now approach employees if they see activities did not occur and address issues in staff training.

TGaS employees have more time in their day to focus on other projects and tasks while Cloud Edition ensures that the right data is recorded to the right records. “After we implemented Cloud Edition, users told me, ‘This is fantastic. You’ve saved me time I would have spent linking emails and meetings to Salesforce. Now it just happens’,” said Bittinger.

TGaS rolled out Cloud Edition out to all employees who had significant interactions with clients. TGaS was very satisfied with the rollout and maintenance of Cloud Edition. Users management was simplified with admin ability to import users as needed. The newest enhancements to Cloud Edition in subsequent releases helped TGaS monitor user connections and increase admin insights. “There are other third-party solutions to Salesforce integration, but this is one of the few that I’ve seen that really compliments Salesforce and delivers significant value,” said Bittinger.