The LinkPoint360 Professional Services Team will need access to a sandbox instance of customer Salesforce data in order to develop and test customized LinkPoint Connect application settings. This Salesforce sandbox instance must reflect the customer’s production environment and should contain any custom objects that will be integrated with LinkPoint Connect.

The LinkPoint360 Professional Services Team will use the sandbox to review a customer’s custom setup and to create data to test with LinkPoint Connect. No structural changes will be made to Salesforce.


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Warning: If your Salesforce policies have been set to Prevent login from or Prevent SOAP API login from, you need to contact LinkPoint Support to provide instructions on how to enable your sandbox.

Configuring LinkPoint Connect with a Salesforce Sandbox Account


Click the LinkPoint Assist icon in the system tray with the right mouse button and then select Configure.


Select LinkPoint Assist from the Components list on the left side of the LinkPoint Assist window, and then select the Start Up & Support tab.


Step_3 Enter sandboxmode in the Support Commands field and click the Ok button.


Tip_Web Tip: Note the message Sandbox mode turned On at the bottom of the Start Up & Support tab confirming that you are in Sandbox Mode. To exit Sandbox Mode, enter sandboxmode in the Support Commands field and click Ok.

SF_Sandbox_lnsf_Tip3 (2)

Step_4 Select Salesforce from the Components list on the left side of the LinkPoint Assist window.


Step_5 Select Connect Now to relate the Salesforce account to LinkPoint Connect if not already connected.



Tip: If you are already connected to Salesforce with a non-sandbox account, you will need to select Disconnect to proceed.



Enter your Salesforce Sandbox Account User Name and Password, and click the Log in to Salesforce button.


Click Allow to enable LinkPoint Connect to access the Salesforce sandbox account and display the Salesforce information in IBM Notes.


LinkPoint Connect will test the connection to Salesforce. This may take a few moments. Click OK once the Test Connection window displays the Connection succeeded message.


Warning: When switching between Sandbox and Production modes, remember to rebuild history during next synchronization. Otherwise, you may delete your Calendar, Contact, and Task data.

Additional_Resources_Web Additional Resources: Customers must create new credentials for the LinkPoint360 Professional Services team to access the sandbox environment. These credentials must match the following standard exactly:



Download_WebDownload: Access the complete LinkPoint Connect: IBM  Notes + Salesforce User Guide in .pdf format. Get the User Guide

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