LinkPoint Connect promotes CRM adoption by offering a variety of shortcuts to encourage users to add new contacts, opportunities, and accounts to Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This can be done easily from IBM Notes.

LinkPoint Connect for Microsoft Dynamics CRM with tools designed to make it simple for users to record emails and related content to Microsoft Dynamics CRM without leaving IBM Notes. With flexible configuration settings, users can quickly record emails to contact, lead, account, opportunity, case, or custom entities with just a few clicks.


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Recording an Email to Microsoft Dynamics CRM from IBM Notes

Step_1 Select an email within the IBM Notes inbox. Select LinkPoint from the IBM Notes toolbar and select Record to CRM from the drop-down list.



Tip: There are four other ways to access the Record window for LinkPoint Connect. These options may vary depending on how your organization has installed LinkPoint Connect.

1. Select Actions from the main menu, select LinkPoint from the drop-down menu, and then select Record to CRM from the list.


2. Within an open email, select LinkPoint on the toolbar and select Record to CRM.


3. Select an inbound email and click the Quick Record the email to this record icon on the Side Panel to record the email to the senders record in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Note that this method will not record attachments.

4. Create an outbound email. Select Linkpoint on the toolbar and select CRM Send. Select CRM Send and File if you want to be able to file the email to a specific IBM Notes folder when you are finished recording.


Tip_Web Tip: If you select more than one email in your inbox and then follow the steps to record, the same criteria will be used to record all of the selected emails.

Step_2 Choose Contacts to record the email to within the Selection tab in the Record window. Review the suggested contacts displayed in the Record To: section.


Tip_Web Tip: LinkPoint Connect automatically suggests contacts that appear in Microsoft Dynamics CRM if they are included in the To, From, Cc, or Bcc fields of the email. If there are no matching contacts in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the Record To section will not display any suggestions.

Warning_Web Warning: Microsoft Dynamics CRM does not allow users to take action on more than one Regarding selection at the same time. Try selecting a single item and record the email.



Enter text in the search field and click Go to search for additional contacts to record the email to.


Tip_Web Tip: Click the file folder to the right of the Search bar in the Record window. You can select the object types to include in the search results as options to record to. LinkPoint360 recommends selecting Account, Contact, and Lead so that all contact types are available for search when recording.


Step_4 Review the search results list, mouse over an item, and click the green arrow to add the contact to the Record To list.


Step_5 Mouse over an item in the Record To list and click the red x icon to remove it from the list. Note that the removed item will appear on the left side of the Record window.


Tip_Web Tip: You can also double click on an item to add or remove it from the Record To section.



Tip: By default, LinkPoint Connect is configured to search based on Starts with logic in the Record window. Users can add either * or % at the start of the search term to perform a Contains search.

Example_Web Example: In this example, we want to record an email to an account record. We search for the record using the word Financial because we remember the name of the account has the word Financial in it. However, the account does not appear in the results because Financial is not the first word of the account name.


To find the right account, we search for *Financial. Now the search returns results for Examplex Financial, which is the account we were looking for. Now we can proceed with adding the related items to the Record To window.


Click the Record Now button to record and send the email, or continue to work on the record options by recording attachments.


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