Understanding Meeting Recap

Desktop Plus Edition includes all of the LinkPoint Connect email integration features with the added support for logging meeting notes via the Meeting Recap feature in the Side Panel and a dedicated mobile application. The Meeting Recap functionality enhances the business value of client interactions by capturing critical meeting intel from teams via mobile devices and desktop computers.

Meeting Recap makes users more productive by simplifying the feedback process, and integration with Salesforce and Microsoft Exchange eliminates the need to search for meetings or return to the CRM to manually enter data. And the data captured fits the format companies need for reporting and compliance.

Functionality highlights include:

  • Predefined Workflows: Admins choose the questions and answers they want users to access.
  • Mobile App: Users install the LinkPoint Connect app on their mobile device.
  • Side Panel: Users with LinkPoint Connect installed in Outlook can launch Meeting Recap from the Side Panel.
  • Integration: The content entered by users is synchronized to the related Salesforce records and fields.
  • Summaries: Admins receive a Meeting Recap Summary once each Meeting Recap is complete for enhanced visibility into team interactions with prospects and customers.


Initial Setup

Meeting Recap is driven by a core set of questions and answers designed to capture consistent, accurate feedback. As part of the implementation process, Admins review and finalize the questions and answers that are exposed to users to customize the experience. In order to proceed, Admins must review and complete the Implementation Plan provided by LinkPoint360 Professional Services. Once final, the Meeting Recap icon is added to the Side Panel in Outlook (as needed) and instructions for mobile app access are provided. With all settings in place, Admins can invite their users who will receive an email with instructions to complete a setup wizard.


Connecting to Hosts

Meeting Recap prompts users to answer predefined questions using standardized answer options. The answers to these questions are then pushed to Salesforce as part of the integration. In order for the data to sync to Salesforce, each user must enter their Salesforce credentials in the Desktop Plus Web Portal. For customers who implement the optional integration with Microsoft Exchange calendars, each user must enter their Exchange credentials as well.


Completing a Meeting Recap

Connected users can submit Meeting Recap data as needed, reviewing the questions provided and selecting from predefined answer choices. Admins can configure Meeting Recap to present the same questions to all users for all scenarios or develop custom or conditional questions for different records types, activities, or teams. The answers are captured and then synced back to Salesforce fields and manager summaries.



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