LinkPoint360 Customer Success is dedicated to making sure customers maximize the value of their subscription. Our Quick Tips point out unique ways that users leverage our flexible integration options.


Desktop Edition

Tip: Update Salesforce Right From Your Email

Have you seen the pencil icons throughout LinkPoint Connect? You can find them in the Side Panel, Record Window, and even when relating Calendars, Contacts, and Tasks to Salesforce items.

Click a Pencil icon when it’s next to or on an item to edit that item in Salesforce. The Smart Form pencil icon will launch a window that let’s you edit Salesforce right inside your email. Click, update, and save. The forms will match your Salesforce page layout, honor your level of access or required fields, and instantly update the CRM for you and other users. No CRM or browser necessary.

Update Salesforce records wherever you see the Smart Forms pencil icon

Need to create a new Salesforce item? No problem. Click any Smart Forms icon labeled New or select the Smart Forms icon in the top right corner of the Side Panel. Then create any new record you need in Salesforce right from your email. Users can send a single copy of an email to a distribution list or group of addresses and record separate copies of the email back to Salesforce where there are matching email addresses.

Create new Salesforce items with Smart Forms

Desktop Plus Edition

Tip: Enter Meeting Notes from the Side Panel

The Meeting Recap feature for Desktop Plus makes it quick to enter meeting notes in Salesforce. Click the Meeting Recap icon on the Side Panel to launch a series of questions or form responses. Everything you enter can be mapped back to Salesforce fields for instant updating and ease of use.

Start a Meeting Recap from the Side Panel (click to enlarge image)


Cloud Edition

Tip: User Settings Simplified Across Teams

Admins can set up all of the users across an organization or in specific groups (or Profiles) to sync data in the same way. Rather than leaving users to set their own sync rules or going one-by-one to configure everyone, simply navigate to the Subscription or Profile you want to configure and adjust the settings at a higher level. Admins can set defaults and/or lock settings to prevent users from making changes. All of this can be done in just a few clicks.

Set and Lock Settings for Consistent Data Sync (click to enlarge image)


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