Traditional email to CRM integrations are limited, cumbersome to use, and can require users to spend extra administrative time maintaining and cleaning up data. They also often require end users to make changes to how they work between their email and CRM systems without consideration for existing processes or the corporate expense and time it takes to bring organization-wide workflow change.

LinkPoint360 designs solutions that seamlessly reinforce the way users already do their jobs and offers more than just set-and-forget syncing between email and CRM systems.


Why Choose LinkPoint Connect?


Sales teams in particular spend the majority of their time working in email rather than their corporate CRM. It’s how they reach prospects and nurture their pipelines. But the information in their email needs to be added to the CRM, too. The result? Personnel spending too much time copying and pasting information between systems, when they remember to, hopefully getting it right.

With LinkPoint Connect, you will:



LinkPoint360’s solutions bring efficiency to the workforce, helping organizations maximize their productivity gains. With additional time available, users are able to focus on the quality of the communication sent and the relationships they are building with their prospects and partners.

With LinkPoint Connect, you will:



LinkPoint Connect fits seamlessly within the user’s existing email application, making adoption of the LinkPoint360 solution natural for email users. Organizations realize adoption gains outside of email and LinkPoint Connect. They achieve increased CRM adoption as well. LinkPoint Connect users instinctively start using their CRM more since the data is more accessible.

With LinkPoint Connect, you will:



LinkPoint Connect customers experience expanded visibility on several fronts thanks to powerful access and sync tools. With more data coming into the CRM, sales operations managers and other organization executives have greater insight into how their sales organization truly operates. With users recording more content and syncing more information to the CRM with greater accuracy, leadership can see how users are working in the CRM and assess account statuses for pipeline projections and team reviews.

With LinkPoint Connect, you will:


Return on Investment

Improved productivity saves corporate time, making sure the time you compensate your teams for is their work on account management and pipeline nurturing with an eye to closing deals, rather than administrative functions and data headaches.

Enhanced efficiency brings additional value to how your team spends its newly gained time, making sure that they are leveraging the best information to spend time on the most beneficial accounts and to close more deals – further impacting your bottom line.

Increased adoption means that your teams will use the systems you spent time and money to implement, giving you greater return on the investment you make on company-wide email and CRM systems.

Expanded visibility gives your management teams better insight into individual performance, helping them see the greater picture for how accounts are managed, identify areas for improvement, and raise closed deal ratios.

LinkPoint Connect provides simple and seamless email to CRM integration.
Save time. Work efficiently. Close more deals.


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