LinkPoint Connect: Integrate Email and CRM


LinkPoint Connect is available as a custom solution that integrates email applications with data related to industry-specific editions of Salesforce. Explore our out of the box integration solutions.


Why Choose LinkPoint Connect?

LinkPoint Connect stands apart from other email-to-CRM integration tools with over 15 years of experience, superior customer support, and a variety of integration options. Learn why we lead the industry with our focus on productivity, efficiency, adoption, visibility, and ROI.


Video Overview

See our view, record, and sync features in a full product demonstration.

Stay in email and easily update your CRM as you go. Be more productive with LinkPoint Connect.

You spend most of your time working with email. It’s how you reach out to prospects and nurture your pipeline. But you need to add the info to your CRM, too. Every single email, appointment, task, contact, lead – you flip flop constantly between email and CRM, CRM and email. Copying and pasting data…when you remember to, hopefully getting it right. 

Stop switching systems. Easy email to CRM integration with LinkPoint Connect puts an end to flip flopping, relieves data headaches, and ignites your productivity – saving you time and money!

"The ease with which I can track my emails, drag contact info into Salesforce to create leads, and generally just keep track of my work is phenomenal...a game changer."

L. Miller

Over 80,000 users around the world have relied on LinkPoint Connect.

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