LinkPoint360 is a proud provider of software solutions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM users around the globe. Our email integration tools make Microsoft Dynamics CRM users more productive while also boosting CRM adoption throughout an organization.

End users are able to view, record, create, and sync content between Microsoft Outlook or IBM Notes and Microsoft Dynamics CRM with minimal change to how they work throughout the day. By remaining primarily in their email, users are more efficient, and LinkPoint Connect ensures that data is added to or updated in the CRM for real-time visibility.

Managers and CRM admins take advantage of LinkPoint Connect’s flexibility. Customers can request custom installer files that include specific preconfiguration – removing or locking down features or including preset settings that ensure users across the organization leverage LinkPoint Connect consistently.


Key Differentiators

There are many email integration tools on the market for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. So why choose LinkPoint Connect? We have a full list of key differentiators you can explore, but here are the standout reasons:

  1. IBM Notes: LinkPoint Connect is the stand out solution to integrating IBM Notes with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. And our team has over 16 years of experience working with enterprise customers and implementation partners to achieve successful integration.
  2. Support: Our team provides best-in-class support for over 90,000 users. We offer live chat, email, and phone support as well as dedicated Customer Success Managers to ensure positive implementations and company wide onboarding.
  3. Installation: LinkPoint Connect supports virtual desktop environments such as Citrix, Terminal Services, and VMware. Companies with unique configurations turn to LinkPoint360 for equally unique results.
  4. Customization: Our Professional Services team works on configuration and customization projects that further support unique customer need. Whether you want to lock down settings or need an installer set up to work with custom entities, you’ll find support and an answer with LinkPoint360.



Prospects, customers, and partners have access a variety of resources to maximize LinkPoint Connect knowledge and use.


Getting Started

Free_TrialReady to get started? Tell us about your integration needs and launch a 14-day free trial of LinkPoint Connect.