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Desktop Edition allows users to work within their email client by adding imperative information to the CRM. The below resources assist users with setting up their LinkPoint Connect subscription to using specific features offered in Desktop Edition.


Quick Start Guides: Salesforce Integration for Outlook and IBM Notes

LinkPoint Connect Quick Start Guide (Outlook + Salesforce)
LinkPoint Connect Quick Start Guide (IBM Notes + Salesforce)


Set Up

Installing LinkPoint Connect Desktop Edition
Connecting LinkPoint Connect to Salesforce
Entering a License Key
How to Get Updates



Creating a New Case in Salesforce from Outlook
Creating a Salesforce Opportunity
Creating Outlook Contacts from Email Signatures
Creating Salesforce Records with Drag and Drop
Creating Salesforce Records with Smart Forms



Configure Smart Forms
Changing Sync Frequency
Updating Salesforce Records with Active Update
Showing and Hiding the LinkPoint Connect Side Panel



Attachment Recording Default Settings
Recording Attachments from Outlook to Salesforce
Recording Emails to Salesforce



Scheduling Follow Up Actions when Recording an Email
Using Salesforce Email Templates
Tracking Outbound Email Opens
Searching on Secondary Email Addresses
Send 1 to 1 Emails with Bcc Field
Salesforce Address Book



Using Smart Link to Relate Outlook Calendar Items to Salesforce Records
Running Background Sync with Auto Sync Settings



Download_WebDownload: Access the complete LinkPoint Connect User Guide in .pdf format: Microsoft Outlook or IBM Notes.

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