LinkPoint360 partners experience the same level of superior support as our customers throughout the sales cycle. We help our partners close deals that require a reliable, proven email-to-CRM integration tool to achieve unique business goals for their clients. The resources included in this toolkit are assembled to support your interactions with prospective LinkPoint Connect subscribers.


LinkPoint Connect User Guide

Full overview of LinkPoint Connect functionality with step-by-step instructions. Great for prospects on a software trial to provide quicker understanding of the product.

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LinkPoint Connect Product Overview

High-level overview of product features and functionality. Great for prospects new to LinkPoint Connect or email-to-CRM integration tools.

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LinkPoint Connect for Virtual Desktop Environments

High-level overview of LinkPoint Connect’s support for VDE set ups including Citrix, Terminal Services, and VMware. Great for prospects with unique set ups that require additional involvement from their internal IT team.

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LinkPoint Connect: Supported Languages

High-level overview including a listing of the different languages supported by the LinkPoint Connect software. Great for international prospects or organizations with a decentralized workforce with multi-lingual needs.

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LinkPoint Connect: Global Success

High-level overview of LinkPoint360’s experience supporting organizations in more than 60 countries worldwide. Great for international prospects or organizations with a decentralized workforce

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LinkPoint Connect: Customer Resources

Listing of resources and guides for LinkPoint Connect. Great for prospects and new customers to increase onboarding speed and adoption.

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