LinkPoint ReCAPP: Capture Critical Meeting Intel

Getting Started

LinkPoint ReCAPP integrates directly with Salesforce to bring captured feedback directly to the CRM. Learn more about LinkPoint ReCAPP and get started today.


Why Choose LinkPoint ReCAPP?

LinkPoint ReCAPP stands apart from other sales effectiveness tools by combining best-in-class CRM integration with a quick, easy-to-use mobile application designed to maximize the use of feedback gained by sales reps during meetings. Learn more about our platform design.


Video Overview

Get introduced to the LinkPoint ReCAPP concept with our explainer video.

Make the most of the meetings your teams are having with prospects. Close more deals with LinkPoint ReCAPP.

Gathering feedback from team members and employees who participate in sales calls or sales meetings is a cumbersome and time consuming task that can drain managers and coworkers of essential time and resources. Sales reps participate in calls making direct contact with prospects and customers but few take the time to input what they learn into the CRM.

LinkPoint ReCAPP will make it simple and seamless for sales reps to sync the information gathered from sales meetings into Salesforce as soon as the meeting ends and in the exact format the company wants…all within in minutes and with minimal data entry.


"LinkPoint ReCAPP enhances the business value of sales interactions by capturing critical meeting intel from sales reps via mobile devices and web browser."

Over 80,000 users around the world have relied on LinkPoint360 products and services.

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