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Sensitive data and protecting files at rest is a key concern for many organizations, especially in industries that deal with confidential information on a daily basis. With Salesforce Shield, users can choose to natively encrypt their data and control encryption keys and access to information throughout their organization. But implementing encryption does not eliminate user need for email to Salesforce integration. LinkPoint Connect unites the work your team does between email and Salesforce…while complying with your encryption settings.

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With Salesforce Platform encryption becoming one of the most important features for enterprise customers, LinkPoint360 is proud to be among the first AppExchange partners to support this release. LinkPoint Connect now provides Microsoft Outlook and IBM Notes integration with full support of Platform Encryption for Salesforce.

The LinkPoint Connect software continues to meet email integration needs while offering full compatibility with encryption rules and settings. LinkPoint Connect offers the ability to record emails, synchronize data, and view data within the email client based on a user's level of Salesforce access. LinkPoint Connect fully supports the Salesforce Encrypted Standard Fields as well as Encrypted Files and Attachments.

Save time. Streamline processes. Remain secure.

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How It Works

View real-time Salesforce data without ever leaving your email application. Click on an email in Outlook, and the LinkPoint Connect Side Panel instantly displays that contact’s information directly from Salesforce. If the user has restricted access to information due to encryption rules, the information will be displayed as masked fields.

  • View Salesforce data inside your email application
  • Launch Salesforce, VoIP calls, and driving directions with a single click
  • Switch to view other contacts associated with the email
  • Customize the items and custom objects you want displayed
View - Salesforce Shield

Record emails to Salesforce when sending messages from your email application. LinkPoint Connect makes it easy to associate emails with the right contacts and opportunities with just a few clicks in your email. Users will only be able to interact with data based on their level of access and your security settings in Salesforce.

  • Record emails easily when sending messages
  • Control where and how emails are recorded
  • Choose to include attachments when recording emails
  • Schedule follow up tasks related to the email contact
  • See which emails have already been recorded to Salesforce
Record - Salesforce Shield

Sync what you want, where you need it. Users can set LinkPoint Connect to sync contacts, calendars, and tasks. Create items once and they appear in your email application and Salesforce.

  • Choose one-way or two-way sync between your email application and Salesforce
  • Set independent rules to sync contacts, calendars, and tasks
  • Select manual sync to push specific items
  • Use the Summary Screen to check your work to ensure accuracy
  • Schedule automatic sync to run at set intervals and certain times of day
Outlook+Salesforce: Sync

Customize your email application and Salesforce integration to match your existing processes. LinkPoint Connect supports custom fields and custom objects, putting the data specific to your team at your fingertips. Customization will honor any security settings and encryption established in your organization.

  • Choose the custom fields and objects you want to access in your email application, based on your Salesforce set up
  • Provide your requirements to the LinkPoint360 team
  • View the data from your custom objects directly within Outlook
Customize - Salesforce Shield


LinkPoint Connect’s innovative and reliable design helps users be more productive. From basic contacts to custom objects, it’s never been easier to streamline email and Salesforce usage with an eye to security settings and data encryption rules.

System Compatibility

Microsoft Outlook Editions Office 365, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 (32 & 64 bit)
Supports IMAP and POP3
Salesforce Editions Contact Manager, Group, Professional, Enterprise, Performance
Full support for Salesforce Shield and Platform Encryption
Microsoft Windows Versions WIndows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP (32 & 64 bit)
Virtual Desktop Environments Citrix and Terminal Services
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LinkPoint Connect for Salesforce Shield
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