Activate Sandbox Mode to connect to a sandbox instance of Salesforce for testing customized application settings as provided by LinkPoint360 Professional Services. Note that LinkPoint Connect will rediscover all Salesforce access and settings when switching between Production and Sandbox instances of Salesforce. This may cause user preferences to be overwritten in the Preferences Pane as the objects and fields available may change between Salesforce accounts.

Warning: If your Salesforce policies have been set to Prevent login from or Prevent SOAP API login from, you need to contact LinkPoint Support to provide instructions on how to enable your sandbox.

Warning: Customers must create new credentials for the LinkPoint360 Professional Services team to access the Salesforce Sandbox environment. These credentials must match the following standard exactly:

Warning: When switching between Sandbox and Production modes and Salesforce accounts, remember to rebuild history during the next sync. Otherwise, users may delete calendar, contact, and task data. 

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Activate Sandbox Mode

Right click the LinkPoint Assist icon in the system tray, and select Configure LinkPoint Connect.

Select LinkPoint Assist from the Components list in the LinkPoint Assist window, and select the Start Up & Support tab.

Enter sandboxmode in the Support Commands field, and click the Ok button.

Tip: Note the message Sandbox mode turned On at the bottom of the Start Up & Support tab. To exit Sandbox Mode, enter sandboxmode in the Support Commands field, and click Ok. 

Configure LinkPoint Connect with the sandbox instance of Salesforce.

Additional Resources: Refer to the Configure LinkPoint Connect section of this User Guide for more information.


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