LinkPoint Connect is a PC-installed application that allows users to work with and create Salesforce data directly in desktop instances of Outlook. To use LinkPoint Connect beyond the initial free trial period, users must enter a unique License Key. All instances of LinkPoint Connect require the user to connect to a Salesforce account.


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Configure LinkPoint Connect

Launch the LinkPoint Assist window.


Tip: Users may automatically arrive in LinkPoint Assist by selecting the option to Launch the program when finishing the Installer. Users can also access these settings by clicking the LinkPoint Assist icon in the system tray with the right mouse button and then selecting Configure LinkPoint Connect.

Enter the required information for the First Name, Last Name, and Email Address fields.


Tip: The license information entered should match the user’s login information for Salesforce. If different information is entered, the fields will be overwritten and locked once the user connects to Salesforce.

Enter the License Key provided in the welcome email or by LinkPoint360 staff, and click Verify License.

Tip: In some cases, the License Key may be prepopulated based on the company’s configuration. If users are installing LinkPoint Connect as part of the free trial, the License Key will be Evaluation.

Warning: Customers will need to follow the steps to update the License Key from Evaluation to the unique License Key provided after purchase.

Tip: If the License Key reverts back to Evaluation, a firewall may be blocking access to the LinkPoint Connect server or there may be an issue with the proxy settings. Please contact an internal IT team member for assistance.

Select Salesforce from the Connectors list in the LinkPoint Assist window, and select Connect Now.

Enter the user’s Salesforce Username and Password, and click the Log In button.

Tip: First-time users may need to click Allow to enable LinkPoint Connect to access the Salesforce account.

LinkPoint Connect will test the connection to Salesforce. This may take a few moments. Click OK once the Test Connection window displays the Connection succeeded message.



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