Configuring LinkPoint Assist (IBM Notes + MS Dynamics CRM)

LinkPoint Assist guides users through simple configuration processes to adapt LinkPoint Connect to individual and organizational needs. Various settings are available for managing the way that LinkPoint Connect for Microsoft Dynamics CRM displays CRM data, records emails, and syncs information between systems. There are also several useful connectors available for advanced users who want to include even more integration within their LinkPoint Connect Side Panel. In this section, you will learn how to configure general LinkPoint Assist settings for managing License Key, Web Proxy, Updates, and Support.


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Configuring LinkPoint Assist

Step_1 Click the LinkPoint Assist icon in the system tray with the right mouse button and then select Configure.


Step_2 Select LinkPoint Assist from the Components list on the left side of the LinkPoint Assist window, and select the User/License tab.


Step_3 Manage License Information including user details or select Verify License as needed.


Additional_Resources_Web Additional Resource: Refer to the Entering a License Key section of this Knowledge Base for more information on this configuration section.

Step_4 Select the Web Proxy tab. If working behind a proxy, select the Override Proxy Server checkbox and click the Discovery Proxy link. This will attempt to automatically detect the proxy server name and fill in the Server Name and Port fields.


Tip_Web Tip: If you are required to provide credentials to get through the web proxy, select the Override Network Credentials checkbox and enter your User Name and Password. Click the Test Connection button to confirm that the Web Proxy is configured correctly.


Step_5 Select the Updates tab and select an option for Automatic Updates. Users can choose to let updates run automatically, approve updates before they are installed, or prevent updates altogether. Users can also set how frequently the software should check for updates with the Check every X days drop-down list.


Tip_Web Tip: LinkPoint Connect is set by default to Automatically install all updates and will check for updates every two days. If you change the Automatic Updates settings, you can use the Check for Updates and Get Updates buttons at the bottom of the LinkPoint Assist window.


Step_6 Select the Start Up & Support tab. Select or deselect the options to Start LinkPoint Assist at Windows Login and to Minimize LinkPoint Assist to the System Tray based on user preference.


Step_7 Select from available Remote Support and Diagnostics options when working with or reaching out to the LinkPoint360 Support Team.

  • View Event Log: Click to generate an event log when requested by LinkPoint360 Support
  • Forward event log to LinkPoint360: Click to send the event log to LinkPoint360 Support
  • Chat with LinkPoint360 Support: Click to launch ChatBrowser and reach a live LinkPoint360 Support Team member
  • Start Remote Support Session: Click to join a GotoMeeting session if you have been provided with a Meeting ID from LinkPoint360 Support.


Tip_Web Tip: The Start Up & Support tab includes additional tools used by the LinkPoint360 Support team when troubleshooting issues for customers.

  • Technical Details: Information about your system to give support personnel insight
  • Support Commands: Access to run additional support tools and shortcuts


Step_8 Click the Apply button to confirm the selection and click the OK button to finish and exit LinkPoint Assist.


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