Configuring the Ignore Attachments List (Exchange + Salesforce)

Cloud Edition records attachments on emails that are recorded to Salesforce either automatically with an Email Sync Setting or one-off using the Record Attachments Smart Tag. Attachments can be excluded from syncing to Salesforce by using the Do Not Record Attachments Smart Tag. The Ignore Attachments List enables users to exclude specific file names and file types from future sync consideration and prevent the items from being recorded to Salesforce. If an email has multiple attachments, only the attachments that fit the criteria in the Ignore Attachments List will be excluded. In this section, you will learn how to add file names and file types to the Ignore Attachments List.

Warning: File names and file types can be added to the Ignore Attachments List at the Subscription, Profile, or User level. In this section, we will demonstrate the Ignore List as an end user on the My Settings screen. The process is identical for Admins making changes on other levels of the hierarchy. However, any changes made by an Admin to the Subscription Ignore List or Profile Ignore List cannot be overridden by an end user and will have a direct impact on how their data syncs.

Tip:  Attachments that do not exceed 5 MB will sync to Salesforce. Due to Salesforce restrictions on file sizes, files larger than 5 MB will not sync. However, the email content will still sync to Salesforce.



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Configuring the Ignore Attachments List

Log in to Cloud Edition, and select My Settings in the top right corner of the screen.



Locate the Sync Jobs section, and click the Ignore Files button.


Note that the Ignore Attachment List is preconfigured with a default list of excluded file extensions. Attachments with these file types will not record to Salesforce if they are attached to synced emails.


Tip: The default file extensions are configured at the Subscription level and can be added to or overwritten by an Admin. The default extensions includes: .html, .htt, .mht, .svg, .swf, .thtml, .xhtml, .exe, .bat, .cmd, .reg.

Enter a file name or file extension in the text entry box. You can add more than one entry with one item per line or by separating items with commas or semicolons.


Select the checkbox for Do Not Sync.


Tip: If you enter more than one file name or file extension and make an Ignore List selection, the settings will apply to all of the items submitted, as if performing a bulk create and update.

Click the Clear button to abandon your changes, or click the Save button to confirm the changes.



Deselect the Do Not Sync checkboxes to remove items from the Ignore Attachments List. Click the Clear button to abandon your changes, or click the Save button to confirm.


Sort the Ignore Attachments List by clicking the column headers to view items in ascending or descending order. Search partial or full terms to filter the list and find specific items more quickly.


Tip: Items that appear in the list with a grayed out checkbox indicate that the item was added to your Ignore Attachments List by the Admin at a higher level in the system. You are able to view that the setting has been established, but you cannot deselect the option. If the item has been set to Ignore for one sync type, you do have the ability to add it to the second sync type.



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