Use Salesforce Email Templates in Outlook

LinkPoint Connect users can access Salesforce email templates from within Microsoft Outlook. Users can select a template and then include Salesforce data specific to a Contact, Lead, or other record to merge into the template’s fields in both the subject line and body of the email. In this section, you will learn how to work with Salesforce email templates in Outlook.

Warning: Each template’s requirements will vary depending on the values needed for the original template. LinkPoint Connect will only be able to fill in content for standard Salesforce fields. If your template includes data merge for custom Salesforce objects, you will see the fields within the Template Preview Pane without data populated.


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 Create an outbound email, and enter the recipient(s) of the email if there are no recipients already populated. Then, click the Salesforce Email Template icon in the top of the Side Panel.


Tip: You can move forward without entering recipients, but you will have more manual data selection to do when choosing the email template later in the process.

 Select a folder from the Folders drop-down list. This list mirrors the way that your email templates are organized within Salesforce.


Tip: LinkPoint Connect will store a list of recently used email templates under the folder Favorites for you to return to frequently used templates.

 Select a template from the Email Templates list.


Select the Salesforce records required to merge field data. LinkPoint Connect will present options based on the fields in the template and the recipients on the email.


Tip: Note that for User fields, you may need to search for your User records in Salesforce.


Use the Preview Email section to review the template with the merged field data included. You can edit the field information, or click the green checkmark to add the template to the email.

Review the email within Outlook with all merged field data added. You can edit and adjust the email as needed, relate to Salesforce, and send when ready.



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