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(The Customer) Journey

December 3, 2018

Journey. Experience. Lifecycle. You can use any number of terms to talk about how to manage, interact with, or map out a plan for working with customers. But to me, it’s more than just a phrase. I spend the majority of each day balancing the management of both Marketing and Customer Success for LinkPoint360. And… read more »

CRM From the Perspective of a Sales Person

October 16, 2018

This guest blog is written by LinkPoint360 Partner, Focus.    For a Sales Person, there are endless benefits for using a CRM.  So much so that every Sales Rep should be demanding their company provide them one. Let’s have a look…   CRM From the Perspective of a Sales Person Everything in 1 Place: Between customers, prospects… read more »

The Impact of Support on Success

September 5, 2018

Having a robust support system can be the key to the success of a software purchase for an organization. Clients can find themselves frustrated or unable to utilize software as intended without a clear understanding of available resources or a network to rely on for help when trying to exact value from a system. LinkPoint360… read more »

Adding Value to the Personal Brand

July 3, 2018

We talk so often about how to stay motivated, how to get the sales numbers up, and how to sell “more.” But what happens when you are that guy or gal whose numbers are good and now you are on autopilot? What happens when you get so good at what you do, you worry that… read more »

Neutrality and Invisibility

June 6, 2018

I’m shocked and amazed by the countless number of people who get “caught” posting an opinion or thought on Social Media that turns out to be controversial at best and offensive at worst. I’m not amazed that they wrote what they thought/felt…heck, we all have strong opinions on things that are important to us. But… read more »

Old Faithful

April 4, 2018

I recently spoke with a colleague who is also in sales, and he was telling me how business got “soft” last quarter and he had to ramp up his prospecting game. We both already know and agree on why you should actively prospect, and we pretty agree on who to contact. So the conversation moved… read more »

Slower and Better

September 1, 2017

We work hard here to educate the market about our tool for integrating Outlook and Lotus Notes into Salesforce and Dynamics. And we pride ourselves on how intuitive the tool is. That being said, I regularly tell people while they are running our 14 day Free Trial, “Let’s do a quick web dome, I want… read more »

The Importance of Reviews and Customer Feedback

April 18, 2017

Customer feedback is a necessity for every company. In order for a company to grow and expand their features and product lines, they must be open and willing to hear both positive and negative feedback from customers. This will help prospects decide which product works best for them. When a company receives a good recommendation,… read more »


April 27, 2016

Why does the team here at LinkPoint360 create software for CRM users? The answer is pretty simple. Success. We know what goes into using a complex CRM platform like Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics. We know what it’s like to have sales and marketing and support teams working differently between the CRM and their email (where,… read more »

Why Isn’t Your Team Using Salesforce?

December 15, 2015

The question isn’t meant as a comparative. It’s not asking why you chose a different CRM.  It’s posed to companies/departments who spent thousands of hours studying CRM options, thousands of dollars on the actual CRM, thousands more hours implementing and training the staff thousands of MORE dollars on staff and systems. only to find user… read more »

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