LinkPoint Connect Editions

   Desktop EditionClassic for PC users. Record emails, create new contacts and leads, and auto-sync calendars, contacts, and tasks.

   Desktop Plus Edition Everything from Desktop Edition… Plus you can add notes and update Salesforce fields from the Side Panel or a dedicated mobile app.

   Cloud EditionServer-side version for mobile and cross-platform users. Auto-sync calendars, contacts, emails, and tasks. Nothing to install, admin controls available. Works for Mac, Mobile, and PC users.

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Cloud Edition: Version 4

Coming Soon: Cloud Edition Release Version 4 is designed to refine existing functionality for efficiency and sync engine optimization. Our Release Notes provide a complete list of updates and functionality.

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Case Study: NPI Financial

We are always talking to customers about their experience with LinkPoint Connect. Read our latest case study with NPI Financial and their seamless deployment and success with LinkPoint Connect: Desktop Edition.

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Strategic Partner: Focus

LinkPoint360 is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Focus.

Focus is your ongoing partner for outsourced sales and/or CRM management. They take ownership and responsibility for all things that a full-time, in-house Sales Management team or CRM Manager would do working in a larger B2B organization – but at a cost a small or mid-sized company can access.

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