LinkPoint Connect Editions

   Desktop EditionClassic for PC users. Record emails, create new contacts and leads, and auto-sync calendars, contacts, and tasks.

   Desktop Plus Edition Everything from Desktop Edition… Plus you can add notes and update Salesforce fields from the Side Panel or a dedicated mobile app.

   Cloud EditionServer-side version for mobile and cross-platform users. Auto-sync calendars, contacts, emails, and tasks. Nothing to install, admin controls available. Works for Mac, Mobile, and PC users.

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Case Study: TGaS Advisors

We are always talking to customers about their experience with LinkPoint Connect. Read our latest case study with TGaS and their seamless deployment and success with LinkPoint Connect: Cloud Edition.

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Strategic Partner: Focus

LinkPoint360 is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Focus.

Focus is your ongoing partner for outsourced sales and/or CRM management. They take ownership and responsibility for all things that a full-time, in-house Sales Management team or CRM Manager would do working in a larger B2B organization – but at a cost a small or mid-sized company can access.

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