About the 7.3 Release

The LinkPoint Connect 7.3 release focuses on user productivity around meeting scheduling. The new TimeScout feature makes booking a meeting more efficient by eliminating the back and forth conversation around finding a compatible date and time. The feature supports all users on the Enhanced Side Panel version of LinkPoint Connect who also work with Office 365 for their email and calendar management. New options for adding ad-hoc notes to records and general performance fixes are also included.

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A Note About Software Upgrades

The 7.3 Release is available for LinkPoint Connect PC deployments.

Products and services provided by LinkPoint360 are automatically updated by default. Individual users may, in most cases, change their update preferences in LinkPoint Assist.

Some organizations may request that upgrades be disabled by default and then manually released at the discretion of internal IT teams. If you see new features or functionality listed in the release notes but do not see the new features in your instance of LinkPoint Connect, please contact your System Administrator.

Additionally, to preserve existing configuration for our clients, accounts running our application for Citrix/VDE set ups, those with prior custom deployments, and those for our Solutions integrations will not receive automatic upgrades.

TimeScout calendar management and booking are managed in a web-based application. TimeScout is automatically upgraded to the latest version for all user accounts during each release deployment.

Note that the upgrades in the 7.3 Release are available on the Enhanced Side Panel UI and not for Classic LinkPoint Connect users. If you would like to upgrade your users to the Enhanced Side Panel UI and/or the 7.3 Release, please contact your Account Executive or customersuccess@linkpoint360.com.

TimeScout for Booking Meetings

New Functionality: LinkPoint TimeScout makes booking a meeting more efficient by eliminating the back and forth conversation around finding a compatible date and time.

LinkPoint Connect users can integrate directly with Office 365, set their availability and meeting types, and share their time slots with clients or prospects.

Dedicated meeting URLs make it easy to let individuals review availability for different types of interactions with calendars updated in real time.

Users can choose to include specific screening or insight questions as part of the booking process to enhance the value of the interaction. Users can also provide web resources for attendees to review in advance of the meeting.

Booking takes just a few clicks, and TimeScout adds the meeting to both organizer and attendee calendars.

Additional Resources: Learn more in the Book Meetings section of this User Guide.

Quick Comment

New Functionality: Comments and description field updates are now easier to add from the Side Panel. Users click the Quick Comment icon for any record to launch a text window.

Enter the desired information, and click the green checkmark to append the comment to the Description field for the record along with a timestamp.

Lightning Email Templates

Previous Functionality: Users could access Classic Salesforce email templates in Outlook to streamline outbound communication.

Enhanced Functionality: Users can now work with Lightning Email Templates in Outlook if they have the Salesforce Enhanced Email Object enabled. Available templates reflect existing Salesforce permissions and folder access. Users can leverage merge fields by selecting Salesforce records based on the email recipients.

Additional Resources: Learn more in the Use Salesforce Email Templates in Outlook section of this User Guide.

Download: Access the complete 7.3 Release Notes in .pdf format. Get the Release Notes

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