Cloud Edition Product Overview (Exchange + Salesforce)

LinkPoint Connect: Cloud Edition Product Overview

LinkPoint Connect: Cloud Edition synchronizes calendars, contacts, emails, and tasks directly between Microsoft Exchange and Salesforce from any device with a server-level integration. Experience even greater freedom from flip flopping between systems with access to the data you need most, when and where you need it. Work seamlessly between your mobile phone, tablet, web mail, or desktop and across PC, Mac, and mobile (iOS/Android) platforms.

The appointments you set, contacts you own, emails you send and receive, and tasks you create will automatically sync between Exchange and Salesforce based on the frequency, timing, and parameters you choose. All Cloud Edition sync settings are accessible via web browser and can be configured at the end user or Admin level based on company preference.


Understanding Cloud Edition Sync Functionality

Cloud Edition is designed to simplify the process of synchronizing your calendar, contact, email, and task data between Microsoft Exchange and Salesforce. Users can seamlessly connect existing accounts without the need to manually input sales leads and client information into two separate destinations.

Cloud Edition synchronizes calendars, contacts, emails, and tasks between the two systems using configurable automatic sync functionality. Organizations or users can decide how they would like to manage their sync settings based on how they use Exchange and Salesforce throughout the day.

Cloud Edition can be configured to synchronize automatically using custom settings set by an Admin for specific Profiles or on an end user basis with some or no defaults in place to give users more control.

Functionality highlights include:

  • Customize the flow of information between Microsoft Exchange and Salesforce
  • Configure the synchronization to your specific preferences
  • Sync one-way or bidirectional with separate settings for calendars, contacts, emails, and tasks
  • Choose how far back or how far in the future the sync will run on dated items
  • Set the synchronization run times and frequency
  • Record emails directly to Salesforce based on contact or lead email address
  • Use Smart Address to relate emails and calendar items to Salesforce records such as Opportunities
  • Set how calendars, contacts, and tasks are created, updated, or deleted in Exchange or Salesforce
  • Sync email attachments to Salesforce one off or automatically
  • Manage sync settings via a convenient web browser interface for account management


Conflicting Software

Warning: Before enabling any of the sync options available with Cloud Edition, be sure to disable any other syncing tools or conflicting software you may already be using. This includes LinkPoint Connect: Desktop Edition (for current customers or free trial participants) as well as other tools on the market from competitors. Failure to disable conflicting or redundant software prior to enabling sync for Cloud Edition could compromise the integrity of your data: creating duplicates in Exchange or Salesforce or deleting information from one (or both systems) of record which cannot be restored


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