Completing the Set Up Wizard

All users must log into the LinkPoint Connect: Desktop Plus Web Portal and complete the Setup Wizard. The Setup Wizard is designed to walk each user through the configuration process. In this section, you will learn how to complete the Setup Wizard.


Warning: Before you can use the Meeting Recap Side Panel icon or mobile app, you must complete the Setup Wizard. The Setup Wizard includes a step to connect to Salesforce which is required to sync a Meeting Recap.


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Completing the Setup Wizard


Check your email and locate the message with the Subject Line Welcome: You’re invited to join LinkPoint Connect. Select the link Register Your Account link in the email.


Enter a password for the Desktop Plus Edition account in the Create Password and Confirm Password fields for the Setup Wizard, and click Submit.

Step_3 Select a Salesforce Login URL from the drop-down list.

Tip_Web Tip: The default setting is Production. You will want to use this option unless:


  • You are testing with a Salesforce Sandbox or Test account. In this case, select Sandbox.
  • You are using a custom URL to access Salesforce as defined by your organization. In this case, select Custom and enter the URL details.

If you are unsure which option to select, check with your internal Salesforce admin.


Click Connect.

Step_5 Enter your Salesforce credentials. This may automatically process if you are already logged into Salesforce.

Step_6 Click Allow to permit the application to access your Salesforce account.

Step_7 A Connection Status of Ready is displayed once the Salesforce account is connected. If the status is Not Ready, repeat the process to connect the Salesforce account.

Step_8 Click the My Settings button to proceed to the Profile configuration.



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