Connecting LinkPoint Connect to Salesforce (Outlook + Salesforce)

LinkPoint Connect: Desktop Edition is a PC-installed application that allows users to work with and create Salesforce data directly within Microsoft Outlook. To get started, users must connect to their Salesforce account within the LinkPoint Connect application. In this section, you will learn how to connect your Salesforce account to LinkPoint Connect.

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Connecting LinkPoint Connect to Salesforce

Step_1 Launch the LinkPoint Assist window, and select Salesforce from the left-hand menu.

Tip: You may automatically arrive within LinkPoint Assist by checking the option to Launch the program when finishing the installer. You can also access these settings by right clicking the LinkPoint Assist icon in the system tray near your desktop clock and then selecting Configure LinkPoint Connect.

Step_2 Select Connect Now to configure LinkPoint Connect for Salesforce.


Step_3 Enter your Salesforce User Name and Password, and click the Log in to Salesforce button.

Tip: First-time users may need to click Allow to enable LinkPoint Connect to access your Salesforce account and display your Salesforce information in Microsoft Outlook.

Step_4 LinkPoint Connect will test the connection to Salesforce. This may take a few moments. Click OK once the Test Connection window displays the Connection succeeded message



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