Enabling and Disabling LinkPoint Connect Side Panel Navigation Pane Items (IBM Notes + MS Dynamics CRM)

LinkPoint Connect offers users the flexibility to choose which items appear within the Side Panel in IBM Notes. This section will demonstrate how to add, remove, and rearrange the content displayed in the Side Panel.


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Enabling and Disabling LinkPoint Connect Side Panel Navigation Pane Items

Step_1 Navigate to the LinkPoint Connect Side Panel, and click the +/- icon in the bottom right of the Navigation Pane.


Step_2 Select the option to Show More Buttons to add to the list of items available in the Navigation Pane. Select Show Fewer Buttons to reduce the number of items available.


Tip_Web Tip: You can also click and drag the top of the Navigation Pane to increase or decrease the size of the pane. This will automatically show or hide buttons.


Step_3 Select Navigation Pane Options



Step_4 Choose the items to display in the Navigation Pane by selecting or deselecting the checkboxes in the Display buttons in this order list. Select an item and click the Move Up and Move Down buttons to change the order that the items appear in the Navigation Pane. Click OK to save changes or Cancel to discard them.



Step_5 Select Add or Remove Buttons to see a quick view of available options for the Navigation Pane. Click items with a checkmark to deselect them and remove them from the Navigation Pane. Click items without checkmarks to add them to the Navigation Pane.


Tip_Web Tip: The configuration options mentioned in this section are based on the standard out-of-the-box settings for LinkPoint Connect. If you do not have these settings available, it is possible that they have been disabled by your internal IT admin.

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