What does LinkPoint ReCAPP offer?

LinkPoint ReCAPP will save you a tremendous amount of time allowing you to update notes and fields from your mobile device and sync it to your CRM.  Even better, the experience was designed by your company so you can rest assured knowing the format is exactly what your company wants.


Where does the information flow to in my CRM?

It depends on how you answer the question of where to send this to.  It can flow to either Fields and/or Notes in the Activity History field within Salesforce and can go basically to any object such as Accounts, Opportunities, Contacts, etc.  It depends on what your company wants.


How long does it take to complete a Meeting ReCAPP?

It’s very quick and depends on the number of fields and notes your company is asking for you to gather. Typically, updating 20 fields/notes can take under two minutes.


How do I start a Meeting ReCAPP?

You can click on the alert that will pop up on the phone after a meeting or click on the upper left corner, select “Meetings”, find your meeting on the calendar, and touch the orange play button.


What if I don’t know the answer to a question?

Skip it. You can always go in later and answer them.


Can I go back into the app later and change/update answers?

Yes, from main My ReCAPPs screen, find the Account/Opportunity you are working on, select it, locate the Question/Field you want to change by simply touching it and choose a new answer.


What if the answer is not displayed for me to choose from?

Simply select Other and a text box will appear.  You can then either type in or speak into the app by selecting the dictation microphone on your mobile device.


Can we add questions or other fields?

Yes, speak to your manager about adding on more questions.


Can you add a general notes field at the end of the Meeting ReCAPP?

Yes, speak to your manager about adding this to your instance of LinkPoint ReCAPP.


Can you create new opportunities from the app?

Not at this time


Do I need to have a live internet connection to complete a Meeting ReCAPP?



Why is my screen blank when I log into the app?

The main My ReCAPPs screen will be blank until you complete your first Meeting ReCAPP.


How is your pricing structured?

All LinkPoint ReCAPP integrations are provided as a per user/per month subscription service that is billed annually. Volume discounts are available for organizations in need of larger subscription amounts. Discounts are also available at 10% for non-profit organizations. Please contact your Account Executive or email sales@linkpoint360.com for a personalized quote.


How can I get assistance with LinkPoint ReCAPP?

The LinkPoint360 Support Team is available Monday-Friday from 9am – 5pm EST. You can contact them via live chat on our website, by emailing support@linkpoint360.com, or by calling 732-212-8403.


Interested in learning more? Contact our Sales Team to learn more about how LinkPoint360 can help your organization become more efficient and more productive.

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