Rebuilding LinkPoint Connect Sync History (IBM Notes + MS Dynamics CRM)

LinkPoint Connect enables users to set robust and highly configurable synchronization settings for both manual and automatic synchronization of contacts, calendars, and tasks. In the event that a user syncs their data in a way that does not meet their workflow needs, LinkPoint Connect includes a Rebuild History feature that can be used to reset the prior synchronization. Users can then reset their synchronization preferences between Microsoft Dynamics CRM and IBM Notes to better suit their needs. In this section, you will learn how to use the Rebuild History feature to reset your synchronization settings.


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Rebuilding LinkPoint Connect Sync History

Warning_Web Warning: The Rebuild History feature does not unsync any items that were created, updated, or deleted within Microsoft Dynamics CRM or IBM Notes during the last synchronization. Rebuild History removes the relationships created between the systems with the sync preferences to prevent the same incorrect sync from running again.

Example_Web Example: In this example, we will run the Rebuild History feature on the Task synchronization. The process is the same for using Rebuild History with Calendar and Contact sync.

Step_1 Click the LinkPoint Assist icon in the system tray with the right mouse button and then select Configure.

Configure_SF Connector_olsf_1

Select Sync from the Components list on the left side of the LinkPoint Assist window, and select the Auto Sync tab.


Step_3 Select Never from the Automatically run synchronization every drop-down list to disable Auto Sync. This will prevent additional sync issues from occurring while running the Rebuild History.


CStep_4 lick the Apply button to confirm the selection and click the OK button to finish and exit LinkPoint Assist.


Remove or update any items within Microsoft Dynamics CRM or IBM Notes that were affected by prior sync as needed.

Click the LinkPoint Assist icon in the system tray with the right mouse button and then select Open Synchronization in manual mode.


Step_7 Right click the Calendar, Contact, or Task icon in the Synchronization window, and select Rebuild history during the next synchronization.


Step_8 Click the Start Sync button and proceed with running the Manual Sync.



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